Tutorial: Layered Stenciled Pillows with Tulip Fabric Paint


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Ah, spring! Time to freshen up the house with some new accessories and color. And new pillows are perfect- but they can be SO expensive for a designer look! But I made my own using Tulip For Your Home Soft Fabric Paint from iLoveToCreate. Let me show you how!

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It was really easy to do- I was sent the entire kit.

IMG_5716 #tulipforyourhome

Let me show you in this quick slideshow video!

For those of you who like the photos, here you go!

Iron your pillow case to remove the wrinkles.

Iron your pillow case to remove the wrinkles.

#TulipForYourHome Stenciled Pillow Tutorial

Insert wax paper to prevent bleed-through.

#TulipForYourHome Stenciled Pillow Tutorial

Tulip Stencils have a shiny side and a matte side. Shiny side goes up!

#TulipForYourHome Stenciled Pillow Tutorial

Apply a light layer of stencil adhesive to the WRONG (matte) side of the stencil.

position the stencil


#TulipForYourHome Stenciled Pillow Tutorial

Use an old folder or paper plate to make cleanup easy.

#TulipForYourHome Stenciled Pillow Tutorial

Use the roller or a foam brush to apply the paint. Less is more, so don’t load up the roller too much.

IMG_5735 - Copy

Remove the stencil promptly and let it dry completely. I love how soft and flexible this paint is- not stiff or rubbery!


#TulipForYourHome Stenciled Pillow Tutorial

When the first layer is dry, repeat the process using the second, smaller stencil.

I love my new pillow and that lovely pewter metallic paint blends perfectly with my decor. And I completed the project in under 2 hours!

Layered Stenciled Pillow

Want more cool projects? Check iLoveToCreate for inspiration!

And there is a fun link-up party with even more stenciled projects to inspire you. Enjoy!


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  1. Debbie says

    I love Tulip paints. I have used them since the 90’s when I painted T shirts! I never thought of doing stenciled pillows though….love the layering effect!

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