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I’ve written posts before about how I like to use kitchen items in my craft room. Today I’m going to add one-more- Q-Tips! I use them all the time & when they asked me to share that on their behalf, I was more than tickled! So let’s get started!

I use a lot of different paints in my studio- both acrylics and watercolors. Some of my acrylics (like the yummy Lumieres by Jacquard and Viva Decor Precious Metals) have mica particles that need vigorous stirring. I used to use the end of my paintbrush- but I’m super messy and I got it all over myself. Now I deep a little drawer of Q-Tips on my craft table and I grab one of those to stir everything up. And the cotton tip helps me get into the rounded bottoms of the jars so that all the particles get re-incorporated.

The Precision Point makes it handy for all types of crafty uses.

When I’m using watercolors, sometimes I just need a quick swipe of color. So instead of worrying about a brush, I just dab a Q-tip into my grey water and pick up a hint of color!

Water color painting is super convenient with Q-Tips.

And speaking of dabbing, Q-tips are excellent for adding just a little pin-point of color!

Which leads me to when you smoodge paint where you don’t want it- a damp Q-Tip can help you lift the color off and save the day.

Use a damp Q-Tip to remove wet paint flawlessly.

Here’s a tip: want to keep your kiddos from mixing up the colors in the tray? Give them one Q-Tip per color and they will stay clean and bright- no muddying!

It works great for applying chalks and powders as well. The Precision Tip Q-Tips give you a lot of control:

Q-Tips are great for powders and chalking.

And it’s great for gluing projects, too. I often make a little puddle of white glue on my work surface, then use a Precision-Tip Q-Tip to add dabs of glue for glittering and adding rhinestones. Neater than using my fingers, and disposable, too!

Of course, if you have a kiddo crafting with you, like I do, sometimes they come up with ideas all on their own!

Designed and made by Bailey Kate, age 6.

Of course, could probably go on for days on how Q-Tips are great to use in crafting- but why don’t you leave a comment below and share YOUR ideas?

Finished tags- thanks for the crafty assistance, Q-Tips!


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  1. Donna says

    Thanks Jenny, I have used Q-tips for awhile but you introduced me to new uses. Keep up the great work.

  2. says

    All right! Finally- an excellent post on the not-so-lowly Qtip! I use them in all the ways you wrote about, too. I have also found them invaluable for applying Mod Podge. No more ‘frozen’ brushes. For gluing, they’re a dream. For lifting booboos- I’d be lost without them. They are perfect for manipulating enamels when I’m painting on glass mugs, which has become a passion of mine. There are 2 jars on my desk- one for rounded tips, one for pointed tips. Such a wonderful little invention! Thank you for writing this!

  3. says

    I use qtips all the time, and they are so useful when doing scenic stamping, especially with the stampscapes stamps, use them for the trees and also to add color to the water as well as highlights (white paint).

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