More CHA Videos- Crafty Chica & Steve Piacenza

February 10, 2011

Jenny Sez


I love seeing my favorite “craft celebs” in action- and lucky for you, I got to take some quick videos at CHA Winter 2011 to share!

First up is a quick video from Kathy Can0-Murillo (the Crafty Chica) at the ILoveToCreate booth. She’s got a line of glitter transfer paper- check it!

Did you know that Kathy has published two novels ? AND she’s working on a third! That gal is a powerhouse, I tell ya!

Then I swung by the Plaid booth to holla at Steve Piancenza, one of the creators of Hot Glue Gun Helpers:

He mentioned that there will be new crafting webisodes at coming in March. Can’t wait!

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