CHA Hot 20 Pick: Chameleon Color Tones Pens


I constantly get the question “What did you see at CHA show that impressed you?” The Chameleon Color Tones Pens impressed me as a great way to get lots of colors in a marker without buying a ga-jillon markers!

Here’s a preview:

Chameleon Color Tones Markers

I stopped by the booth and filmed this quick video:


And here’s a peek at the color chart:

Chameleon Color Tones Marker color chart

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  1. Caryn S. (Scrapnsing) says

    And here I’ve been worried about getting more Copics! These are awesome.

  2. says

    No word on availability quite yet- they are brand-new to the market and I’m sure one of their objectives at CHA was finding US distribution. Let’s hope a major chain picks them up soon!

  3. Natalie says

    Ooooh, these look pretty cool! I love how you can create that gradation without a bunch of manual blending. I love my current alcohol ink Promarkers ( a U.K. brand that is much cheaper than Copics). But these look like a great addition to my collection.

  4. Chris says

    Can you use these fantastic pens on non-porous surfaces like glass? Awesome color gradation would make beautiful rainbows…

  5. says

    Chris- we have not reviewed this product yet, but since they are alcohol-based they *should* work on all non-porous surfaces.

  6. Donna Banta says

    i would like to buy a set but can not find out where I can purchase them . Can you help me?

  7. says

    Donna- you didn’t mention where you are from, but I can tell you that they haven’t hit the US market quite yet. I know that the container just got here and we’ll be getting samples to do a “real” review very soon!

  8. says

    I got my Chameleon pens on If anyone is still looking, and at this present time they are going through them again,


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