Collage Clay from Mod Podge and Plaid


Back at CHA last January, I was surprised to see that decoden was all the rage! And Cathie Filian and Steve Piacenza are brining their signature style and crafty-goodness to it with there new product from Mod Podge and Plaid, Collage Clay!

Collage Clay from Plaid

Collage Clay is aptly named- you can create 3-D collages with the fun, light, and dimensional product that is conveniently packaged in a pastry-bag-like pouch and that has a threaded nozzle attached- perfect for the available nozzles to create different patterns and textures!

But I’m getting ahead of myself. This is how it’s described on the website:

Crafters adore our Mod Melts and Molds, and we’re bringing you a hot new way to embellish with Cathie & Steve’s Mod Podge Collage Clay. Add ‘oomph’ to paper, home decor and craft projects with this whipped clay, and finish off the project with dimension and drama with Mod Podge Collage Drizzle Paint.

Collage Clay is non-toxic and has almost no odor. It also cleans up with water.

When you first open the package you see that there is a threaded nozzle in the pouch- perfect for the available decorative tips.

Mod Podge Collage Clay

The pouch is SO lightweight, it’s very easy on the hands to handle and squeeze- and I  normally have big issues with any type of prolonged squeezing. I tried out all of the tips and made  a swatch sample for you!

IMG_5858 Mod Podge Collage Clay swatch

Of course, it’s always easier if I make you a video- so I did!

Here’s a close up of the samples I painted, too: painted collage clay

And here’s another view of that little box my “Italian Daughter” made!

Tiramisu Trinket Box made using Collage Clay

OH- and that cool chevron stencil? I made it into a few cards. It’s so lightweight it won’t make you need to add extra postage!

Cards made using Collage Clay and Stencil1 stencils.

Stay tuned- we’ll have more information and even a tutorial coming up with this fun product!

UPDATE: Read Katie’s review of Collage Clay here.

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  1. Kris says

    This stuff looks like great fun! Looking forward to further CTD adventures with it. Thanks, Jenny!

  2. Gail Viator says

    Please tell me where I can purchase the collage clay—I went to Michaels & Hobby Lobby in Houma,LA —-neither has it or heard of it[ salesgirls]—they do have other Mod Podge products in their stores—
    Thank you in advance

  3. says

    Gail- it should be rolling out the Michael’s stores any minute…but you can always order it from! I added some affiliate links to the bottom of the post. :) thanks!

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