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Ok, first the disclaimer: I am not from Mexico. I have limited understanding of the culture. But after a dozen visits to Mexico, I am smitten. I love the food, the music, and the bright festive colors. And any excuse to eat guacamole works for me! That being said, here are some ideas for festive Cinco De Mayo crafts.

God’s Eye Camp Craft by

Let’s start with the “Eyes of God” or Ojos de Dio…

Amanda has a nice step-out tutorial on CraftsByAmanda– it’s the one you see above. Good background on why they were made, too, if you are looking to brush up on your Native American facts!
Next, let’s consider the Pinata!
Family fun has nice step-by-step instructions with pictures. They do a “hot air balloon” version. Cute!
I like the star shape for a more traditional Mexican look. And there’s NO WAY I’d be banging it up with a stick… but that’s just me. I’d keep it for other Mexican-themed parties. But that’s just me!

How about some festive shakers for the kids? Kaboose has a quick-and-dirty styrofoam cup version that will keep the kiddos entertained for a while….

I’m also a fan of tin ornaments… Enchanted learning has one for making moons and stars out of aluminum baking pans. For more on tin crafts, see my previous post here. PS…that Enchanted Learning link also has some coloring down loads, word-searches, etc. Lots of goodies there!

Lastly, I am a jewelry fanatic, so why not make up some kickin’ Our Lady of Guadalupe jewelry? I saw her everywhere the last time I visited Mexico. Download some images, punch them out into 1″ circles, and then use some Paper glaze to mount them inside of a bottle cap. When it’s dry, use a nail to make 2 holes at 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock, then use some jump rings to attach them together. Add a clasp, and you’ve got a cool bracelet!

I’d be remiss here if I didn’t mention the Crafty Chica, the diva of all things Latina. Check our her site, too, for many crafty ideas!

Lastly, Martha Stewart has a craft-of-the-day on Picado Papel, or paper cutting. This would also be a fun and simple craft for a kid’s room. Kind of like making tissue-paper snowflakes!

Viva la fiesta!

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