Children’s “Stained Glass” Effect Window Decoration from Baker Ross {UK}


Today we have a lovely sponsored tutorial from Baker Ross, a UK-based craft supplier. They’ve offered to share this tutorial with the CTD community-I thought it would be a perfect craft for Vacation Bible School  enjoy! 

There’s something about stained glass windows which makes me feel very calm and peaceful. Hopefully, they will inspire the same feelings of serenity in children who make arts and crafts versions of the glorious windows you find in churches, chapels, cathedrals and abbeys!

To make a stained glass window hanging decoration you will need the items listed below. All of these craft supplies are available from Baker Ross.

  • Stained glass effect Christianity hanging decorations
  • A glue stick
  • Spring-loaded scissors

Why not try making a stained glass hanging decoration first so that you can teach your children how to make them with real confidence?

The kit has several different designs to make so select the two matching cardboard pieces for the design you want to make first.

Kate (the lady whose hands you can see in the photos) has opted for the window shape.

Put one of your stained glass windows to one side and pop out the jigsaw-style shapes which give the windows their character.

You can start the task in earnest by decorating the top segment of window first. Take some tissue paper and cut it with the scissors so that it fits over the top shape. Remember to leave some space around the edge so that you can glue it to the back of the window!

Glue around the edge of the shape you want to cover and press the tissue paper on to it.

If you turn your window over you should be able to see how your piece of art will look when finished.

Repeat the process so that the other shapes are covered. Make sure to vary the colour of the tissue paper you use – stained glass windows feature all the colours of the rainbow after all!

Soon your hanging decoration should, from the front, resemble the photograph below.

The back of your window should look a little messier – the one below reminds me of plasters covering the skin of someone who has cut themselves badly while shaving!

However, don’t panic! This is the time when the other piece of black cardboard you discarded earlier in the article comes in handy. Place glue all over one side of the card.

Then attach it to the top of the  messy side of the decorated window, making sure that the edges line up.

Make sure the messy joins are sandwiched between the two sides and hidden from view!

Now it’s time to thread ribbon through the hole in the top of the window and tie the ends in a knot.

Your decoration is now ready to hang up. Display it in a classroom, bedroom, living room – anywhere you think it will catch the eye of people who appreciate great art!


You can see some other delightful designs for your kids to make below.




And if you’re struggling to make the decoration, don’t smash your window in despair!

Baker Ross has crafts for every festive occasion. Check out their great range of Diamond Jubilee decorations. {Great for celebrating the Olympic Games in London, too, buy the way!}

Kate has kindly prepared a video tutorial to guide you through making these wonderful windows.

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