Children’s Books with Polymer Clay Illustrations


Image from Amazon.comI love book time with my kids. And what I love even more is a children’s book with rich, visually stimulating illustrations. Ones that are really works of art.

I stumbled across these books by Marian Berkes and Jeanette Canyon while searching for children’s books that utilize song lyrics- and found Over in the Ocean and Over in the Jungle The words are re-vamps of a preschool song (something about a mother duck, as I recall) and retooled to fit the themes.

What makes the books FABULOUS, however, are the magnificent polymer clay illustrations. Sumptuous. Detailed. Stunning! I can only imagine the zillions of specialized canes it took to make that seahorse!!!!

I heartily encourage you to zoom on over the Amazon and take a look inside the pages, but have a napkin ready- because your mouth with drop and you will drool. Really.

Now, in the spirit of full disclosure, I do have an affiliate account with Amazon. And I am encouraging you buy it… but really, I don’t care who you buy it from. But if you can, buy it. Because it supports the amazingly talented artist/illustrator who created such magnificent artwork.

It will inspire you…. whether you have little kids in your house- or not.

I’m setting aside extra copies for future nieces and nephews. Because mommies and daddies are nice enough to read to their children deserve great pictures to look at, too.

To read my review of children’s books with fiber arts illustrations, click here.

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