CHA Summer 2012: SpellBinders Wins Innovation Award


Spellbinders is a company I’ve long admired for being innovative and original, and they sure showed off  their chops at CHA Summer 2012. It debuted new product such as the Majestic Elements line and the Card Creator.

While we expect to have these products in hand soon to do a full review, in the meanwhile here are some videos from Spellbinders!

Majestic Elements:

Currently, there are 3 Majestic Elements Sets available.

There is also a new Card Creator set- again, check this video:

As a matter of fact, the Majestic Elements set was SO innovative, they won the Innovation award at CHA!

Photo Collage courtesy of Spellbinders.


BUT WAIT, there’s MORE! I had a moment to catch up with my crafty pal Ken Oliver, who has just joined the Spellbinders team! He took a moment to show us how you can emboss non-traditional items with the Grand Calibur. Take a look!

Spellbinders is a company that just adds to our creativity- make sure you read my reviews of these great products here:

Plus I have some cool projects using Spellbinder’s products:

Stay tuned, we’ll be doing reviews of the new products soon!

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