CHA Summer 2012: Decorative Roller by PLUS America


I was strolling by the Plus booth when I saw a little gadget that captured my attention- and quickly became one of the items I’m most excited about at CHA Summer 2012.

Hello, Decorative Roller by Plus! It works like a pen- you click the roller down to engage it, and just roll the stamped image over your surface. Each cartridge is self-contained, meaning that you swap the image and the ink all in one fell swoop.

But don’t take my word for it- just watch this video I recorded.

I’m looking forward to giving these Decorative Rollers a full review & seeing all of the holiday designs that Plus American comes out with! Do you think you’d use a product like this?

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  1. Jenny says

    Thank you for the video! I too am looking forward to you doing a full review on these. I thought they were cool when they were just rolling them on the paper and changing them out and then she said they can be embossed and used on fabric–I was plum sold! Then to just fuel my excitement you panned your camera up on the wall display and I saw a cupcake roller. I NEED it. 😀

  2. Caryn S. (Scrapnsing) says

    Cute, but I see some potential drawbacks. So either I can only stamp these designs in one ink color, or I have to buy multiple cartridges of the same stamp in different colors? I do like the way the cartridges hook together for storage, that’s clever, and I like the ease of use and apparent mess-free quality. The images also look really clean and even, but you know how that is when it’s being demo-ed vs. actual use. I really need a full review by CTD!

  3. Lorraine Padden says

    Where are these being sold? I haven’t had any luck finding any on-line retailers. Thanks.

  4. says

    I contacted the company and they said the Deco Rollers would be available to ship around, Aug 20th. I really “need” the film roller strip!! The fact that the rollers work on fabric? So exciting! Thanks for the heads up. :)

  5. says

    Hi. Thank you so much for posting a video on the product here at Craft Test Dummies! So exciting. I just wanted to answer a question by Caryn. Each design only comes in one color, so if you buy multiple cartridges you are buying designs in their predetermined colors. Currently there are 4 every day designs – cupcakes (black), filmstrip (black), Vintage lace (pink) and Victorian lace (Blue). There are also 4 holiday designs — snowflakes (blue), holiday treats (red), holly (green) and Holiday cookies (brown).

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