CHA Summer 2012: Crafty Couture Altered Dresses


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Last year the Designer Section of CHA issued a beautiful- and brilliant- challenge for it’s members: design a garment- that’s it, no other guidelines! (And it doesn’t even have to be wearable!) I love how the designers each brought their own aesthetic and creativity to the project. Here are a few of the ones that struck me the most. Take a peek at the Crafty Couture Challenge!!!!

Lorine Mason

Candy Rosenberg

Carol Hepner

Pattie Wilkinson

Sarah Hodsdon

Beth Watson

Alexa Westerfield

Kathy Cano-Murillo

Jennifer Priest

Marissa Pawelko

Ann Butler

….and that’s not even all of them! But it does give you a nice peek at how different designers interpret a challenge. I’m already dreaming of mini dress forms- I’m totally inspired. Does this get YOUR creative juices flowing?


(PS- a big thanks to Vicki O’Dell, who took the photos for me! )




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    OMG! Love these. I’d be going crazy there with all of that inspiration! Thanks for letting us go to CHA with you!

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