CHA Summer 2011 Trends: Canvas Art


One of the coolest things about attending CHA is seeing what the trends are in products and crafting. I’m pleased to say that mixed-media canvas was everywhere, in almost every booth!  That, combined with the theme of the show- “Craft Fusion”- we saw canvas art everywhere!  Take a look…..

At the Plaid booth, Steve Piacenza & Cathie Filian hosted a “Make and Take,” guiding participants step-by-step on how to make a lovely piece of canvas art.

Here are some samples from the Plaid booth.

So many cute ideas!
Canvas Art with Stencils designed by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer (see my post on the new stencils HERE)
Canvas and Tag art at the Ranger Industries Booth
Canvas Art at the Buttons Galore and More Booth
Canvas Art at the Sizzix Booth

Canvas Corp Canvas Art, photo by Vick O'Dell

Faber-Castell Canvas Art. Photo by Vicki O'Dell

Faber-Castell Canvas Art. Photo by Vicki O'Dell

Canvas Art from the Ranger Avenue Workshop at CHA Summer 2011

I think that, without a doubt, Canvas Art is a major trend! As an artist and crafter, I’m tickled pink that crafters are being encouraged to elevate their crafts to something that is perceived as pure art- something that can be hung on the wall and really appreciated. I hope you take a page from the “Craft Fusion” book and try some canvas art of your own.
If you want to see some of MY canvas art, check out the piece I did using my Cricut (Nursery Art) and with Canvas Corp. products as part of my review.  Enjoy!

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