CHA Round-Up and Blogaversary Giveaway #3


Did you think I’d forgotten about my Blogaversary Giveaways? FEAR NOT!!! Today we have an amazing goodie-bag giveaway from our friends at!



They are offering us a wonderful goodie bag FILLED to the BRIM with crafty goodness from your favorite craft companies!



But before I tell you how to enter, I want to share with you a round-up of some of the other amazing blogger’s posts about CHA.

And  the other CTD recap posts:


OK… got enough? To enter to win, just leave a comment about which post/product shared interests you most! Now have fun reading and good luck!

Fine print: giveaway closes on 2/5/13. Winner must have a US mailing address to be eligible to win. 


PS!!! Don’t forget that the Blogaversary Giveaway #1 (for 5 boxes of crafty goodness) , Giveaway #2 (fo a $100 Amazon Gift Card) are still OPEN! So go enter those as well!  And don’t think this is all folks…I’ve got 2 more up my sleeve in the next two weeks. Cheers! 

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  1. Dee in NH says

    I loved your videos too but my favorite thing I saw was the Mod Podge Melts. I can’t wait to see you review these!! Happy Blogaversary too!

  2. debb says

    Tim’s products are always number 1 with me, but I am intrigued by the fiskar fuse products and the mod melts too (along with 70 billion other fab items!)

  3. lucy says

    Jenny’s day 2 really peaked my interest the new spellbinders i love them all..hoping to get some new ones…..

  4. says

    You know I saw so many think I don’t know if I can pick just one. They are all great. Graphic 45, Tin Holts all of them. Thanks for sharing them with us

  5. Donna Ingalls says

    Oh, those Mod Podge melts look just awesome. All of your posts are always so creative too. Keep ’em coming.

  6. Lucie Hale says

    I see a Spellbinder die set in the mix. I’m in love with those! Yahoo! Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. domestic diva says

    I love everything made out of paper, and love your posts that show me new ideas.

  8. Marilyn H. says

    Life in the Craft Lane and Pandora’s Craft Box were my favorite sites. Lots of eye candy.

  9. Vicki Poole says

    I already subscribe to several of the blogs… i just checked out ones that are new to me. And i like I am expanding out of papercrafting into mixed media and altered art. My favorite pic is the giant Mod Podge bottle. I am loving the stuff. Didnt know there were so many varieties. My goal for the year is to make a project to try each of them. Wont that be fun?

  10. says

    waiting to see the review of the We R Memory Keepers Envelope Punch Board. it looks so handy, but am wondering what the maximum size envelope is and if it can be used for the long-style business envelopes.

  11. Del Marie Riley says

    Oh I fell in love when Tim demonstrated his new line of paints. Want. Them. All. I have so many of his inks and pads but never used them. I wasn’t sure how to use them, and to be honest, they sort of intimidated me. But now, I have a little bit more understanding of them. So exciting. Off to find more videos to watch.

  12. Lorianna says

    Really just LOVE your reviews
    favorite thing I saw was the Mod Podge Melts.
    I can’t wait to see you review these!!
    Would so love to try these!
    Thanks for ALL you do!

  13. L Smoke says

    Which product interest me the most? Well, that is a small list: Gelatos Mist Maker Kit and Gelatos Tool Set, Tim Holtz Distress Paint, Lawn Fawn’s stamps, TCW’s stencils, Mod Podge Mod Melt forms, Fiskars Fuse Creativity System or the Big Shot (since I don’t any type of embosser). You have given me a wish list than I’l have to break a piggy bank or two.

    I think I’d like to start with either the Gelatos or Distress Paints to go with the Mod Melt forms. This way I can ad color to whatever I make. Thank you for sharing.

  14. Barb Ghigliotty says

    Such a generous giveaway…thank you! I really like the review by “Life in the Craft Lane”…so many great pics, but mostly, I enjoyed your recaps during the show…so fun!!!

  15. Bonnie says

    I am loving all the ‘from the floor’ blogs about the CHA… thanks for introducing me to more:) am interesting in that Ice resin! woot!

  16. Candida Medina says

    Love it. Love Pandora’s Craft Box, very unique. Mod Podge, great product. Thanks for the chance

  17. Candida Medina says

    Love it. Love Pandora’s Craft Box, very unique. Mod Podge, great product. Thanks for the chance.

  18. Amber says

    I love the Pandora’s Craft Box, too! Thank you for the chance to win. I do a lot of crafts!

  19. Kathryn says

    I would put my vote in for May Flaum’s blog posts. I always enjoy the CHA round ups and product photos. They give you great ideas and generate a lot of excitement and creative spark for future products. But May’s presentations here; WOW! Her pictures speak several thousand words and she lets them stand up for themselves with minimal, spot on text. My enjoyment and general interest in what’s new out there has been elevated to salivation and a new found understanding of people who camp out overnight in front of shops to get their hands on a new product.

  20. Elizabeth says

    I know it sounds plain but i’m so in need of some new crafting scissors those Fiskar’s ones look awesome.

  21. Cindy Jacobs says

    First up now on my ‘must acquire’ list I’d have to say are the new distress paints, but thank you for all the coverage, I do love being able to see all the new offerings each CHA!

  22. Nancy D says

    I have to get my hands on the E6000 spray glue! I’ve been a fan of E6000 for many years, but honestly the odor really gets to me some times. This spray looks fantastic!

  23. Sheila_G says

    Love, love Mod Podge melts, but as always, will wait for your review before I decide to buy. Thanks!

  24. Julie Hulver says

    The first thing that intrigues me is the E6000 spray adhesive (hoping you’ll do a review!). Also interested in the Styro Cutter and Distress Paints.

  25. Monica Higgins says

    After reading these posts, the biggiest thing I came away with is: How in the world can I find away to get to sign up with CHA so I could attend this!!! Everything looked awesome!

  26. Barbara Poe says

    I love the new prima stuff. Too bad I don’t have unlimited funds. I can’t imagine being at the show. I would be broke.

  27. superstitches says

    Loved the post on the Clover sewing notions. They are one of my favorite for sewing notions.

  28. Amyscats says

    My Internet was slow, so I haven’t seen everything yet. But I liked the Tim Holz Rock Candy Glitter from the Day 3 post. Keep ’em coming, Jenny! You’ve got the best CHA coverage I’ve seen.

  29. calamityjane says

    That was fun!!! I checked out the list above and I know I can’t wait to see the new Spellbinders machine & things for mixed media!!! One day I’d love to go to CHA..!!!!!!

  30. Kelly F says

    I love the mod melts but those scissors that cut through 5 layers of fabric are a close second. Loved seeing and hearing about all the great products and fun had by all.

  31. miriam says

    i dont normally do new and popular stuff, not in life, clothing, craft or otherwise but i need the envelope creator ASAP!

  32. jengd says

    There are quite a few paper lines I’d like to get my hands on (BasicGrey, Little Yellow Bicycle) and the Mod Podge melts look intriguing. I’d also love to see that Ice Resin chandelier in person.

  33. Shelli says

    Thank you for this generous giveaway. I’m most interested in the Mod Podge melts. It looks like fun.

  34. marie sierra says

    i enjoyed the creative goddess and the collection of people/artists met on the CHA floor!
    thank you!

  35. says

    I loved all things Tim Holtz, and the stencils from TCW (Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and Ronda Palazzari) – I’m liking the stencil trend :) I was impressed with the fabric flowers at Clover.

  36. says

    I really enjoyed all the articles about CHA you posted, but every time I saw someone with the giant mod podge bottle, it made me chuckle! Congrats on your blogoversary!!

  37. Rebecca Bodine says

    I absolutely LOVE all of Tim Holtz’s stuff.So the ink dabbers would have to be first. They’re are just too versital. But I also want to try the the large basket frames. It looks easy enough and you end uo with such pritty give away baskets!

  38. Alisa Vogt says

    Love it all! I especially loved your video on the mini kenzashi flowers using the jelly roll!

  39. Vicki Kleutghen says

    I enjoyed the Hands Occupied Blog about all the new products. Great detailed photos gave me lots of new things to yearn for- love the Clover Basket Frames!

  40. says

    First of all, thanks for doing a round-up of the round-ups. :) I really enjoyed Julie McGuffee’s post because it had so many pics.

  41. says

    I have had my eye on the Mod Podge Melts for a while – now I am really looking forward to seeing them in person sometime soon!

  42. Tammy Hempel says

    The E6000 adhesive pump has really has my interest up. The smaller kanshazi flower maker is interesting as well. It looks like everyone had a good time and a lot of good stuff was there. Everyone keep up the good work!!

  43. Lynn says

    Too many to choose from! I think the spellbinders and styro cutter peaked my interest the most.

  44. Cindy Jacobs says

    I must say, went back and viewed the video about the Mod Podge melts and molds and that looks very fun!!!

  45. Cindy Jacobs says

    Wow, I had no idea you used to be a music therapist! So cool…I’m an expressive arts therapist and an avid crafter/artist…so, I would love to see you maybe share some of the healing benefits of using creative expression in some tutorials???? Plus, any of your tutorials are good with me! I really appreciate that you don’t accept payment for reviews, as I have been able to come here and trust I’m getting an honest review.

  46. Victoria says

    I really can’t wait to try the Mod Podge Melts and the Lawn Fawn’s Stamps! I can see my creativity going wild!

  47. Pamela Jensen says

    I really love Tim Holtz products and the ICE Resin products were super interesting. These blog posts make me want to go to CHA!

  48. Susan Miller says

    I love them all but the new products for the fiskars fuse creativity system is my fave. I am saving to get one. So I am really interested in what they are coming up with so I can be sure about my decision to purchase. I have three Cricuts , the Imagine, Cricut Expression,and Cricut Expression 2. I love them all I just want to have something that can emboss. So Any new information about die cut machines that also emboss would be great.
    Also very interested in the Modge Podge Melts. thanks for a wonderful web site. Keep up the fantastic work.

  49. Vidette Benn says

    There is no way to choose just one thing, but I’m going with the Mod Podge melt & molds.

  50. Nikki says

    New crafting products – how exciting :-) mod podge melts – how intriguing. Thanks for the chance to win.

  51. Belara says

    Everything in the package looks interesting. I am really interested in the yarn. Just started crocheting & knitting. Also, love to make cards. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  52. says

    The whole prize is amazing but I’m the most excited about the SpellBinder Dies. I’m just starting my collection and am excited about all you can do with them!

  53. says

    I enjoyed reading CHA Winter Recap – Part 1. It was cold here in Anaheim but the day after the CHA convention closed, it was warm and sunny. Sorry.

  54. Macy says

    So much stuff to look forward to. I was intrigued the most by the diy molds from ice resin and the mod podge melts. Thanks for letting us ‘see’ the show.

  55. kathie says

    Good morning,
    I have been a nurse for the last 20+ years and never had time to allow my crafty creative side to flourish..needless tosay I am AWED by all that I see. Will I ever be able to create anything so nice?? I must adnit that the Tim Holtz is beautiful, as well as that Country Chic Cottage. I can not chose just one, but I know that I am going to have to narrow down what I hope to accomplish. My oh my….I am so excited to release the new creative me. Any suggestions, my facebook page is Kathie Beach Sasser

  56. Deborah says

    I like the DMC color infusion memory thread.The colors are so beautiful.Thanks for a chance to win !

  57. Jenn says

    What a great giveaway!!! I’m DYINGG to get my hands on all of the new ink sprays and stamps from Dylusions!! Her sprays are phenomenal and I’m so glad that she’s giving us more vibrant colors.

    Happy Blogaversary!!


  58. Karen Rose says

    Love Pandora’s Box blog on Tim Holtz! =) Would love to know more about Mod Podge Melts!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  59. Beverly says

    Looks like I am not the only one who can’t wait to get her hands on the Mod Podge Melts! The blue yarn in the middle of the pic . . . gorgeous!

  60. Janice Aeschliman says

    Well I loved almost everything and since I am a collector of all things crafty my craft budget will take a hit. If I have to pick one the new Graphic’s 45 line is beautiful.

  61. marie sierra says

    i love that all different craft companies came together and were able to speak to their fans/people that get the word out about their products!
    thank you for the chance to win!

  62. Angel says

    I love Angie’s story! I’ve always wanted to go CHA, but have not yet been able to make that happen. It’s nice to hear what a first timer thinks… makes me want to go even more.

  63. Carrie Scaduto says

    I loved Angies Blog about her first trip! Thanks for a great opportunity! This would be awesome to win!

  64. Becky H. says

    It would be easier to list what I don’t like. Nothing!!!!! Fiskars, mod podge, stencils. The list can go on and on.

  65. Marilyn Tucker says

    Pandora’s Craft Box was my fave. Next would be Graphic 45’s and Tim Holtz.

  66. Jody says

    As a multi-crafter, I love and want it all! I especially love the Bon Bon yarn by Lion Brand and everything by Tim Holtz. Thanks for sharing the excitement of CHA with us!

  67. says

    The goodies that May shared are exciting me!!! I love paper crafting goodies! Thanks for this chance to win awesomeness!!!!

    jinglesells at gmail dot com

  68. Mary Heeren Hawley says

    Loved the clover products. Anything that makes it easier to make flowers to embellish gets my vote.

  69. Amanda Christensen says

    I loved reading about the Clover sewing notions. I noticed some of their fabric clips in your giveaway loot!

  70. Leanna says

    I loved everything, but the Tim Holtz Distress Paints are what I am looking forward to the most. Everything Tim Holtz is amazing and never a disappointment.

  71. MaryChris says

    So, will the DMC infusion memory thread help me remember where I put my reading glasses so I can finish my next embroidery piece? No? That’s okay, I still love it and the Spellbinder, and the Modge Podge Melt looks cool too. So many projects, so little time!

  72. Lisa Nesbit says

    There were so many interesting things that I don’t think I could pick one. Although I did like the scissors that cut through five layers and the stencils, plus the mod podge melts.

  73. Deanna Shepheard says

    Sewcalgal is my favorite, beautiful designs make me want to put the crochet needle down and sit at the sewing machine

  74. Carrie says

    Hands Occupied – I loved seeing all the super new products that were at CHA. Now I want at least one of everything!

  75. Cara says

    I simply cannot wait to get my grubby little paws on the Mod Melts! I can think of half a dozen applications for them off the top of my head!

  76. Susan B says

    I have vowed to sew more this year so I saw some interesting items on Haley’s Clover USA Sewing and Notions Picks. I must add that I am also intrigued by the modge pod melts. Thanks for such a great giveway and an enormous amount of very useful information!

  77. ardeth bannon says

    Make a choice! ? ! ? Impossible, but I salivate over the steampunk wonderfullness of Pandoras Craft Box… :)

  78. Janet Cobb says

    Wow!Tim Holtz, Spellbinders, Xyron, Kanshazi Flower Makers, distress paints, how can I be expected to choose just one?

  79. Lisa Bell says

    What wonderful things to see and learn aboout. I wish I had more room to add everything to my crafting collections. My favorite thing to see is the Spellbinders exhibit. Lots of colors and styles and so many ideas to be inspired from.

  80. Terri Turner says

    Oh I must say it would be Pandora’s Craft Box with Tim Holtz. I’ve just discovered his stuff and it’s wonderful. My interest was peaked by the Hands Occupied’s ImpressArt Design Stamp Packs. How much fun would those be!!! Oh my, what fun. Thank you for the chance to win a goodie bag. Woohoo!!

  81. Wendy Lynch says

    Hey, off topic, loved seeing you on HSN! Now, back to CHA – low odor E-6000 spray has my name ALL OVER IT. I have probably killed too many brain cells from the smell of that stuff over the years! Ha ha. The Fiskars Fuse system is also tres chic fantabulous as is the envelope board. And Tim Holtz’s products – those paints…can’t get enough of watching the magic they make! Thanks for the giveaways and sharing your CHA loot!

  82. Denise Parcells says

    I think my favorite item has to be that Silhouette is going to be adding chipboard to their line of products! Love my Cameo and it would be so nice to be able to make my own dimensional items by cutting out two things (maybe one if I can add the paper ahead of time, haven’t read up on the details, yet) instead of cutting several pieces of cardstock and layering them all by hand. I am also majorly interested in the Fiskar Fuse…would seriously love to get my hands on that baby!

  83. Lynne Prieto says

    So many choices, too little time, lol So many new intriguing items and ideas. Thanks for the opp!

  84. Amy#8546(TheTigersHaven) says

    Although each one was interesting and some are inspiring. I would have to say my favorite would be Pandora’s Craft Box: Craft and Hobby Association 2013. These were some very intriguing photos. I am really inspired by altered art. Tim Holtz is really great.

  85. Brittany says

    I’m always excited for new Xyron products. I can always use easy sticky stuff for my classroom.

  86. Cheryl Godwin says

    I have got to say I want to try the ModgePodge Melts so bad. THese look great!

  87. Sharon DoesBaskets says

    I have to say there are SO MANY things!! I’m liking where Spellbinders is going with their new dies (& I’d like a new Grand Caliber, but…)… 😀
    CHA sounds like a BLAST!! :)

  88. April Lopez says

    I fell in love with the Krylon spray glitter that Handsoccupied featured. How cool is that! Glitter everywhere without glue all over my fingers! Awesome!

  89. Kasey Coots says

    I love Pandora’s Craft Box!!!! All the blogs are awesome but this one is completely me in taste and attitude! Love your blog to!


    Mom Endeavor’s Creative Inspiration at CHA 2013 blog really sparked up the interest in me to go ahead and try my hand at scrapbooking, which I’ve been itching to try for the longest time!

  91. Sharon Gullikson says

    Tim Holtz is my favorite. He is my crafting guru.
    sharon dot gullikson at gmail dot com

  92. says

    I liked the products mentioned on Hands Occupied. I’m interested in the glitter spray, and I really like the Mod Podge molds. I collect molds, but this gives me ideas for so many more things to do with them!

  93. Christine Tinsley says

    Love all of Tim Holtz items. Keep them coming. Love the mod podge melts also.

  94. says

    Oh how lovely! A nice, concise list to go through. I have to say that I am intrigued as all get out by the Mod Podge Melts!

  95. says

    1st of all I’d like 2 say I luv the name of your website! I would luv 2 win the goodie bag! Always up 4 new ideas… Finding a strong glue & hav n it odor free is even better (E6000) sounds grt. Panoah fabric sounds like a good idea. Always luv trying new frabric printables for photo’s; can’t wait 2 try. Everything sounds grt, not 2 4get the glue molds. Fun! Would luv 2 win this bag of fun & get started on making something new.

  96. Laurie R. says

    OMG so many to choose from. My all time favorite is spellbinders. Can’t wait to get my hands on some of their new products. Thank you for so much great info.

  97. Kathryn Encinas says

    I love to do a LOT of things, like crochet, beading, painting, drawing, ceramics, sculpture, macreme ~ you name it I probably have at least tried it.

  98. Carol says

    I’m interested in all of the products, but if I had to choose it would be the spellbingers or ModPodge Melt. Thanks.

  99. Ann Mountai says

    Thanks to your videos I have made some very creative crafts. I have always been envious of those of us who come up with these great ideas….I’m more of a follower. One of my favorites is your Mod Podge Melt and Mold. i can’t wait to try it.

  100. Karelia Ferguson says

    Pick one????!! No way! I joke that I have crafting ADD, I want to do and try every crafty thing I can lay my hands on! Lately its been stamping. Or maybe knitting. No wait, pretty scrapping supplies. Nope, cant pick one …

  101. says

    First time seeing this round up. What a great idea.
    I found a ton of things that I think are really neat. Haley’s Sewing was full of fun stuff. I would love to get a chance to try the flower makers. I can just imagine how much fun everyone that attended this event had. Thanks for sharing.

  102. says

    I think those most intriguing stuff I saw was Modge Podge melts, Spellbinders new stuff, WR Memory envelope maker, Tim Holtz and Graphic 45. I always like to see new stuff to buy, the only wrong is not enough money to buy! Thanks for a chance to win!

  103. Janice Auck says

    Looks like such a great experience seeing all these crafters in one place. I really liked the Country chic cottage, and all their new things. So many great new ideas. Can’t wait to find some of them locally.

  104. Irasema says

    I look forward to using the Modge Podge molds. It looks as if there are several shapes.

  105. Angi says

    I really enjoyed SewCalGal’s post! It was informative, inspirational, and purely wonderful. I enjoyed the beautiful pictures and her telling about the products and projects she saw displayed.

  106. Marisa Pellegrini says

    I love crafting, crepe paper ,tissue paper anything to craft with.

    I love all your inspirations. I love to craft. Thanks for all your ideas.

  107. Anne V says

    I was intrigued by Altered Artworks information on ADORNit…as a seamstress (besides loving multi-media and paper)the products grabbed my attention and interest-hmmmmm!

  108. jenny jensen says

    I’m into all kinds of crafts. always interested in new ideas. crafting is how i stay sane.

  109. Daisy B says

    I loved Pandora’s craft box blog and the craft boxes were very nice. Would love to have some tips on how to make them…

  110. Sandy Falk-Michaels says

    I’d love to win! I am a papercraft junkie… and am intrigued by the Mod Podge Melts. Even if I don’t win, I want to say thank you for the great info on CHA.

  111. Kim H says

    all of it looks like it needs to be on my wish list, but Im a die fanatic, so Spellbinders lol thanks for the chance to win.

  112. Leona says

    There were so many cool new products I would love to play with. One thing that caught my imagination was the casting putty. I think she is right you would need a warning on that stuff.

  113. Wanda Causey says

    I love, love, love E6000. I have found so may uses for it. I like to do any and everything crafty and am teaching my grandchildren to follow in my footsteps.

  114. Joe Ann Smith says

    I enjoyed all the blogs about CHA, Tim Holtz has been one of my favorites for years, but I like them all.

  115. Maretta says

    There’s no way I can pick just one! I love them all! Hydrangea Hippo and Jennifer Priest sent me here. Love your blog!

  116. Suek says

    I really like the Clover Kanzashi flower maker and the Lion Bobbons…….but I could have fun with all of it….;)

  117. Cathy Sobotka says

    I really liked Angie’s newbie post. Since I’ve never been to CHA, it was fun to see what a first-timer thought of it. Love Spellbinders — would love to see one of their booths.

  118. Lilian says

    Tim Holtz products are always so great and I can’t wait to play with them, also the Mod Podge Melts looks so fun.

  119. Kathy M Boice says

    I am interested in the distress paionts, but the whole thing looks like so much fun!!!

  120. Elicia P says

    What a great overview of products! So difficult to pick just one, but I’d say if I had to pick a favorite it would be the Mod Podge Melts. Thanks for sharing! :)

  121. Wendy N says

    I absolutely love Mod Podge products and I am very interested in the Mod Podge Melts. Can’t wait to try it out!

  122. Judy Estrada says

    Everything was so nice! I was under a real Spell with the Spellbinders new items! I enjoyed learning about Queen & Co; As always like Xyron & enjoy Beth Kingston’s post on the new products! Maya Roads, DWCV , M M Eye, & of course We R Memory Keepers! Many others as well. Nice array of Awesome new items coming down the pike!

  123. Joyce Mosby says

    Country Chic Cottage’s photo of the Mod
    Pudge costume was cute. it is fun to see the new products like the mason jar die.

  124. says

    My favorite item in the prize pack is the Westcott Adjustable Scissors! I lost them at CHA and went out and bought another pair as soon as I got home. I’d really love to win this prize pack since I was at the event and had to leave early for another commitment!

  125. Angela Lopez says

    I check all the blogs. My favorit product is Mod Melts by Mod Podge. No one mentioned when they will be available. Can you find out? I assume it will be available at Michaels and JoAnns. THanks

  126. Paulette Akagi says

    Loved looking at all the wonderful photos at Life in the Craft Lane—it was ‘almost’ like being there.

  127. Paulette Akagi says

    Life in the Craft Lane provided so many photos—it was ‘almost’ like being there.

  128. Karen Evans says

    Absolutely fascinated by Pandora’s Craft Box. I know I could never achieve anything like it but it certainly is something to aspire to.

  129. Laura N. Johnson says

    The post that caught my attention is “Hands Occupied: New Product Faves from CHA 2013″ and the product that I loved the most is the Clover extra large basket frames. Two frames are included in a pack and you can use fabric, yarn, ribbon or raffia. These baskets, once decorated to your liking, can be used to hold your yarn, fruits, bread, and can even dress up your dining room. Love, love this product.

  130. Deb Palmer says

    I am having a hard time with deciding – Tim Holtz stamps and distress paint or Spellbinders,…….

  131. Alishia James says

    Zen and Pandora were my faves but they were all great. Looking forword to exploring more.

  132. Bonnie says

    Honestly I have a thing for tote bags! It’s a real affliction. I love them and the are so abundant these days with reusable bags that I can’t get enough of them. I see two hiding there

  133. Zandra Allen says

    I love seeing new products…gives me all kind of ideas for new creations. I have been thinking about starting with resin jewelry. This info and pictures may have just put me in a resin crafting state of mind. Thank you.

  134. Pat says

    Hands Occupied……Scotch Tape Glider. Wow, looks like my kind of dispenser, I am always running out of tape while scrapbooking! Will try this!

  135. Julie H says

    I love my Fiskar papertrimmer, so those scissors would definately be fun to have, along with all the other crafting goodies!

  136. Sue Clarke says

    I’d like to try the Xyron glue sticks as I haven’t seen those before.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  137. Sarah says

    Loved all of it. The vintage cases by Tim holtz are amazing and I would love to see the fiskars fuse in action!

  138. laura d says

    ooohhh, just one? I love it ALL! The modge podge melts are definitely a fave though!

  139. Janet D says

    Going to have to visit some company websites. Particularly liked the ADORNit company. Mixing fabric with paper is one of my favorite things!

  140. Regina Furman says

    I absolutely love the spellbinders! And the Tim Holtz items. And anything Mod Podge gets my attention!!

  141. Pamela Jensen says

    The Xyron glue sticks are interesting. I love glue sticks! I want to get my hands on the Mod Podge Melts!

  142. Teresa Chalk says

    OMG….I just got into a starter home and soooooo cannot wait to find the Gelatos mist maker and add my personality on so many things!!

    Teresa :-)

  143. Rhonda Parrish says

    Fell in love with the Mod Podge Melts. This is just one item but there are many others items that I would love to see the reviews on before purchasing.

  144. Deb says

    Love Pandora’s Craft Box! I’d love to try all the products. Also the Modge Podge Melts would be interesting to try.

  145. Dana Weaver says

    I am restocking my craftroom after a 5 year hiatus so absolutely EVERYTHING interests me! If I have to pick one…Mod Podge Melts. Thank you for all your great info!

  146. Celeste B. says

    I love seeing product reviews. Good to see products in action before spending money on them.

  147. Dotti says

    How is one to choose??? I would love to try the new DMC threads but also am wondering about the new yarns. I am constantly crocheting when sitting, riding, etc. so am always interested in new yarns.

  148. Kim Jones says

    Would you look at that great selection of goodies! Winning this tote would be the next best thing to being at CHA :) I just love the little bon-bons and the Rigoletto yarns – I’ve seen so many cute new projects coming out for those.

  149. sarina coffin says

    Awesome giveaway!! I pinned the mod podge melts as I thought it was so cool! I love all the different finishes you can put on them. It is not just paint anymore! I have a few rubber molds already so I just need to get my hands on the sticks and then I am set. :)

  150. Linda Lewis says

    The Mod Melts and the Fiskars are both interesting, but the Red Heart and Lion Brand yarns are a clincher!!!

  151. Melissa says

    I absolutely loved the Pandora’s Craft Box collections by Tim Holtz, they look amazing!

  152. Cathy Rasque says

    I am LOVING Kanzashi Flower Makers. I love to take an ordinary item (t-shirt, purse or headband) and add those beautiful little flowers. You have an instant designer piece. I love working with fabric and crafts together. Possibilities are endless.

    Thanks so much for sharing! I think I will have to go find those flower makers and get some.

  153. Karen says

    Love the modge podge melts…so wish I could go to one of these conferences…maybe one day

  154. sue gibson says

    so many cute ideas, i cant pick one . Wish i could have been there. Would LOVE to win this craft bag with goodies

  155. Wendy Dente says

    I loved Vickie’s (The Creative Goddess) post, I am a picture “ho” and would have run around saying “take a picture with me! take a picture with me!”…. so jealous, it looks like it was an AMAZING time!!!!

  156. Becky Moreno says

    Well, I can’t wait to hear more about the Mod Melts and the shrink art looks like a lot of fun. I am also a HUGe fan of any and all yarns, so love to see new ones!

  157. Cassie Deschamp says

    absolutely loved the New Product Faves from the CHA Conference much new stuff out there!

  158. Martha Patterson says

    I have to say that I am addicted to Crafting. That said I saw so many items that I can not pick just one. I want to try the mod melts, the clover flowers, and oh just all of it. The bag would give me a chance to have fun with it all.

  159. LaNell Dobyns says

    I have a friend who uses Mod Podge. I will have to let her know they have melts now.

  160. Lisa Bell says

    The whole basket of things are wonderful, love fiskars products, ice resins too. Thank you for the chance.

  161. christi says

    i’m a fiscars and spellbinders gal myself. I would love to give this bag a new home and all of it’s friends too.

  162. says

    So much fun seeing all of the neat products! The Mod Melts are awesome! WANT :) Thanks for sharing the new products with us and for a fun give away.

  163. Sue Brown says

    The goodie bag looks great. It was news just to know there was a get together for craft bloggers. I’ve been doing crafts for years but just getting into the whole blogging thing. I love all yarn — always thinking about things to crochet!

  164. Kari Scherer says

    It was very hard to pick my favorite item I would have to say the embelishments!

  165. Michelle Vega says

    The Bordeaux Ultimate Scissors & Shears and the extra small Kanzashi Flower Makers are a couple of the products I cannot wait to get!!

  166. Denise Penn says

    You need me to limit it to ONE? Oh no way! I’m just trying to figure out how I could sneak into someone’s suitcase/really large purse next year so I can come along for the fun!
    Thanks for being so generous with the goodies!

  167. says

    Hmmmm I can’t pick just ONE…. The Clover Flower maker is on the top of my list but then there is anything and everything from Tim Holtz and Dyan Reaverley. The E6000 pump? — Now that’s genius!


  168. Janet Cobb says

    Gelatos! For someone like me on a very fixed income, this is such a treasure trove how do I pick just one?!

  169. Culleen Mandigo says

    I really loved the creative projects that were shared in Mom Endeavors: Creative Inspiration at CHA 2013. That bike is amazing! Thank you for sharing.

  170. Anita Suermann says

    I love all crafts, I want to do it all. The modge pod melts were unique, and I for awhile I have been wanting to decorate some of those big clothes pins. Would be awesome to win a variety of funness!

  171. Bonnie says

    Zen-Sational Stitches for Quilting. It looks like fun! Of course, so do a lot of the other ideas!

  172. Becky H says

    Love the modge podge melts. Also love xyron. Heck, I love it all. Thanks for a chance to win.

  173. Lisa C says

    So much fun! So many goodies to choose from! I loved the Mod Podge Melts and the Ice Resin…ohhhhhhhhh fun! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  174. Rodney Boney says

    I love getting into crafting now that I am on disablity. I did woodworking but can not stand so I have started to work on crafts that I can do from wheelchair or bed. So as to not get mixed up with Medicaid or sales taxes I do not sell my crafts but will accept donations. I therefore count on God for supplies and tools. It gives me a chance to witness of God’s love

  175. says

    Loved the detailed pics May Flaum took – well, she is a fab crafter and photographer ad I just decided to sign up for her Big Picture class. Her pics of the new MME and Doodlebug washi tape releases had me totally in love – both with her photography skills and the new products. But in terms of new product – I want those Mod Podge Melts… also I use gellatos on everything and have made my own mists with them but always felt like I was wasting too much product so the mists will be so welcome!!

  176. kim klapperich says

    Seriously??? Modge Podge melts??? Does it get any better?? All the products look amazing but can not wait to get my hands on those!

  177. Sandy Bauerle says

    The mods pods has peaked my interest, But Tim holds my heart! I love watching your videos and getting some new ideas on how to use this projects!

  178. Mary K. Watson says

    I love it all….and can’t wait to read all the blogs on the top. I sew, crochet, knit and make jewelry. But do lots of other crafts in my job and at home! So I love all the great ideas I get from reading others blogs. Thanks for the chance to win this cool swag bag!!!

  179. Melissa A says

    Oh my. This is not fair! There are too many intriguing things to choose from! I think I have to say Mod Podge Melts have so many possibilities!! <3

  180. DeAnn O says

    I love what The Country Chic Cottage shared…the Sizzix Mason Jar Die cut! Love it! Can’t wait for all these new craft products to hit the market!

  181. Peggy Lemos says

    Pick one? Can we say almost impossible? LOL I guess I would have to say the Mod Podge melts, but then again…. :)

  182. Gidget says

    I am excited to see the Coats and Clark Cross stitch iPhone case! It’s the one craft that my daughter, 25, enjoys doing and she recently got an iPhone, so it’s perfect for her!! :o)

  183. says

    wow all looks amazing. I think Pandoras craft box, mod podge melts, coats and clark….oh me..oh just one!!! I love it would love love love to win!

  184. Makenna says

    Ohhh Pandora’s Craft Box was really interesting to check out–thanks for the link!

  185. Kelly Sas says

    I am really interested in Zen-Sational Stitches for Quilting! Something really different and I love quilting.

  186. Felicia Akhianyo says

    I loved the CHA Recap in “Life In the Craft Lane” by Julie McGuffee! Her pictures were amazing and gave a view of the show that felt really complete! If I missed anything in the look I got through her blog, I don’t know what it could be. She focused on the winners, but then took looks of great pictures of everything! Love it and will be subscribing to her blog!

  187. Laura says

    Do I really have to choose one favorite? mod Podge has some fun new things and Tim Holz is so creative, but I have always loved Fiskars!

  188. Elena says

    I liked Hands Occupied post!! as per products, hard to tell, Scissors are always my favorites to see evolve :)
    thank you!!

  189. Sharon says

    I’m new to the blogger pages. I’m always looking for new ideas for projects and enjoy looking at all the new things on the market that makes crafting even more fun. I’m even thinking of maybe starting a blog myself but need help and information since I’m new to all of this. Thanks for the wonderful giveaways andinformation.

  190. Morado Angel says

    Thanks for letting me enter the giveaway :) I’m fairly new using a Silhouette Cameo and this weekend tried out the sketch pens. I was really psyched to see that Silhouette has new sketch pens!! Woohoo!

  191. Sheila S says

    Before I came to this site I was just debating whether to order a pair of the Fiskars Cuts+More…

  192. Christine Cyr says

    Yarn and more yarn, but the scissors are a very handy item. Who doesn’t love the giveaways !!!

  193. Cathy MacGillivray says

    loved everything but if I have to name one thing ( which is difficult by the way ) I guess the Mod Podge Melts look very interesting :)

  194. Terry Romaire says

    this may sound corny but, a few months ago i was trying to remember the name of this stuff i wanted to use in a project and never got around to looking for in a craft store but there it was in the zen of making blog, the life-size jar of mod podge, many thanks!

  195. Linda Binger says

    I made an awesome scraf with the yard shown. This would be a great bundle of stuff to win.

  196. says


    You have just made me the saddest woman I know of.. sniff… when I read the pages of what was seen by the crafters in this contest I was so excited. Imagine my watery eyes and sad face to read the part that says “you must have a US address”. Wahhhhh… I am Canadian and would SOOOO love to have a chance to win the prize pack!!!

    I’ve been slowly becoming aware of the wonderful world of crafters on Facebook, and so looked forward to having a chance to win such awesome gifts!!! Could you PLEASEEEE reconsider your stand on US address only? There are millions of Canadians who, I’m sure, would appreciate the chance to be involved in more craft adventures.. and who doesn’t like to win such a contest!!!

    Many thanks for exciting me about crafting more, bigger things, and branching out into areas new to me!

    Your neighbor to the South,

    Lori (a very sad but excited crafter)
    (PS – I have over 900 rubber stamps and perhaps 6 of those were made in Canada – the rest are from the US…please bless me with the chance to win in your contests too. I am a huge supporter of US made items to craft with and would love the opportunity to try even MORE things from the US!)

  197. Jen Erfley says

    I am a mod podge gal…I have a big stash of them, so the melts are what intrigue me the most…can’t wait for reviews!

  198. says

    While I LOVE all the posts, the Fiskars Fusion system grabbed my attention. Looking forward to getting and using that one day!!

  199. Katrina Cole says

    I love the summary from V-Spot. Her description of the new product mold system from Mod Podge will be great to work with. Can’t wait.

    Thanks for providing the summary!

  200. says

    Since I just learned how to crochet I am in love with redheart, but I can’t wait to sink my busy lil fingers into all of the great products shown.

  201. says

    Lori- I am happy to pick a non-US winner as along as that person is willing to pay the shipping & duties. They are really exorbitant- often, higher than the cost of the actual product. It’s not that I’m trying to be mean, but since CTD is a small blog (meaning no corporate sponsors) that shipping money comes out of my pocket. You understand, don’t you?

  202. Linda Kennedy says

    How do you limit it to one thing? I think that anything I can “create” with is a new opportunity to learn. So many ideas, so little time…..
    The StyroCutter is amazing.
    Wish I had an iPhone to put the Cross Stitch cases on.
    The Duck Tape just opens the ideas for new bags, re-purposed items and such. Printable film from Craft Attitude has so much potential, and my daughter is so into jewelry I may have to get her a supply that she can use.
    The Mod Melts could really start me on a whole new road.
    Like I said…too many ideas and too little time…..

  203. Jen Gazaway says

    I loved the polymere clay designs from Jennys Day 1. That is very creative to use the carmex lids and that chandiler was absolutly gorgeous!

  204. Renee says

    I really enjoyed the “Life in the Craft Lane” photo recap of CHA. Makes me wish I had been there!

  205. Christine Beasley says

    I most appreciated the V spot Top 5 New Products post as it provided a concise but abbreviated introduction to 5 very useful and intriguing products. i especially am interested in the Floracraft heated styrofoam cutters, the Craft Attitude printable film and the Panoah self-adhesive fabric.

  206. LisaGWT says

    Styro-Cutter Plus, FINALLY what looks to be ‘the’ answer for cutting styro foam!!

  207. Lillian Duxbury says

    This would be so great for our Art and Craft group……..and yes I will pay shipping.

  208. Cathy says

    WOW! Everything was awesome! I feel so inspired! :) Loved the shabby chic….the shadowbox creations….the clockworks/steampunk creations! I think my FAVORITE was the Mod Podge Melts! I am excited to try them! :)


  209. Linda allen says

    I loved the mod podge melts. Can’t wait to find them in my stores. Could cause a new addiction

  210. says

    I really found SewCalGal’s post interesting especially about the Zen-sational Stitches for Quilting. Anything sewing or quilting has my attention these days.

  211. Gina Shillitani says

    Let’s see… the TCW stencils… no, the Fiskars scissors… no, the Mod Podge melts… oh come on, you can’t expect me to pick just ONE!

  212. CindyS says

    I too, loved the lacy swirly created on the skirt of that outfit (Premier Yarn booth). The Fiskars Fuse booth with the adorable embossed birds really caught my eye. I wish I could have gone :)

  213. Emily H says

    Wow! So many great posts and products! I really like the Mom endeavors post. Washi tape is so awesome!!

  214. Dana says

    they alll look interesting PLEASE dont make me try to pibk just one, but I AM a sucker for yarn….:)

  215. kim clark says

    All the posts have so much stuff, its craft overload. To make things simple, I can’t wait for the envelop punch. Having had demo the product at CHA and seeing it again on one of the blogs, I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  216. Miranda Miller says

    I think this goody bag is basically my wishlist! I’m in college, and have been missing having any craft supplies, so even the scissors seem appealing to me! haha. But, I think the Mod Podge melts would be a blast to try!

  217. Jill says

    I totally stumbled upon you looking for Lego candies and happened to
    find your video about the molds. Now I’m hooked. It’s
    11:30 PM and I can’t stop reading!!

  218. Deb Fagnant says

    I see some spellbinder dies that would be awesome. This was a hard choice to decide as I love all the products

  219. Mara Weber says

    I really liked the Mom Endeavors… I am just getting into crafting after graduating pharmacy school and having a baby…, it was really interesting to hear you talk with such passion about all the different crafting areas and the inspiration you gained!! I would have to say I’m very interested in the scissors, anything paper crafting is awesome and what I think is Tim hold paint may be interesting!!


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