Celebrity Crafter Rosie O’Donnell Sells for Charity on Etsy


Just ran across this interesting tidbit- Rosie O’Donnell has an Etsy site! I knew that she was crafty, and has appeared on Martha and such, but I didn’t know that she made items to sell.

The money she raises goes to her charity Rosie’s Broadway Kids, which funds creative arts in NYC to low-income kids. From her blog:

Rosie’s Broadway Kids was inspired by Rosie O’Donnell’s life-long concern for children, love of theater, and dream of teaching. In 2003, thanks to the generosity of Rosie and Kelli O’Donnell, Artistic and Executive Director Lori Klinger created RBKids, dedicated to providing quality instruction in music and dance at no cost to New York City public schools or students.

Her listings include boxes decorated with polymer clay, painted ceramic tiles, and 3-d sculptures called “munnys” which are painted and signed. Prices run from $75.00 for the boxes to up to $400.00 for the sculptures, currently.

Rosie also states on her shops’ homepage that she matches all money, dollar for dollar. Cool, no?

I really like this 3-d collage sculpture called “icarus’ wife“- it’s kinda shrine-y.

Lastly, I should mention that she has a section of her blog called “Crafty U” and she’s got some how-to’s, information, and video clips. She also has a craft book out: “Crafty U- 100 Easy Projects that Whole Family Can Enjoy All Year Long” which is available on Amazon.com.

I’ll be checking that one out, so0n…..

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