Personalized Tablet or e-Reader Case- Gift for Dads and Grads and More!


It was just Father’s Day here in the US, and I’m always stumped. I have a husband who doesn’t want or need “stuff.” He doesn’t collect anything, abhors tchochkies and knick-knacks, doesn’t wear ties or drink coffee or drink liquor. So my gift options are kind of limited. But he does like to read on an e-reader and he likes English Premiere League Soccer- but those kinds of fan items are hard to find in the US. Lucky for me, […]

How-To: Luggage Accessories Using Recycled Neckties

Back view. Does it need a monogram?

It’s no secret- I love recycle/”green” crafts. There’s something about taking something that is headed for the garbage or donation bin and then transforming it into a new, useful or beautiful object. Today’s tutorial is both useful AND  beautiful- we’re going to make luggage handle cozies and tags from old neckties- the wilder the print, the better! With these colorful accessories, you’ll never wonder, “Is that my luggage?” ever again!  Let’s get to it! To make one set (a handle […]

Father’s Day Polymer Clay Keyfobs


Here’s a great, quick Father’s Day gift you can whip up in no time. I originally published this tutorial on CraftsUnleashed, but I thought it should be shared here, too. These would also be cool zipper pulls for luggage or backpacks, too! Sometimes it’s a little, functional gift that shows Dad how much you care- and you can make these in an hour or so with just a few colors of polymer clay! Polymer clay is a wonderful medium for […]

Father”s Day Blog Carnivals & Craft Round-Ups

Hey, kids! Still looking for ideas for dad? Don’t worry, even with only 3 days left, there’s still plenty of time to whip up some crafty love for the big guy. Fortunately, the folks over at compiled gi-normous list of creative ideas to give you a boost. And, yes, in full disclosure, my necktie coffee cozies made the list! Head over to check it out! Now, while I’m at it, I also have to put a plug in for […]

Recycled Necktie Coffee Cozies

(c) CraftTestDummies, 2010

Little known fact: my #1 search term that brings people to my blog is “Necktie Crafts.” Really. And I don’t know WHY I have such a fascination for old neckties…but well, I do. And here’s another craft to get you scouring your grandpa’s closet and thrift stores! These coffee cuffs are  also a NO-SEW project- hurray! You can whip up a slew of these in a 1/2 hour or less…and all you need is neckties, Fabri-Tac, and a few embellishments. […]