Kid’s Craft Kit Review: Color-Me Quilt Craft Kit by S&S WorldWide

S&S Worldwide Color Me Quilt Kit

My daughter has just joined a “Daisy” troop, and I know that crafting will be a big part of the troops’ activities. The challenge is always trying to find something that everyone can do, pretty much independently, but is still open-ended and creative while cohesive to the group as a whole! Pretty tall order, right? Well, this kits fits the bill! In each kit you get: 25 pre-cut, pre-hemmed 8-inch white cotton fabric squares. Each has a pre-cut hole in […]

The Best Bean Bag How-To & Dinosaur Train Fabric

Dinosaur Train fabric from Quilting Treasures

Sometimes the things I do are purely for selfish reasons. You see, I have this nephew, and I love it when he smiles. And right now, Dinosaur Train REALLY makes him smile….. so I accepted some fabric from Quilting Treasures so that I could make him something cool with it… so I could get some free SMILES!!! See how selfish I am? So anyway, I got this lovely fabric from the nice folks at Quilting Treasures. Apparently there’s a new […]

Kids Craft Product Review: Glam Art kits by Dot Art


I have two little girls who love making art projects with their mama. And while I love sharing my stuff with them, sometimes it’s nice to be able to pull out something special just for them. This Glam Art kit from Fubulous Wubulous (part of Dot Art) is just the thing to keep your little artists joyfully occupied for a morning or afternoon of creative fun! Glam Art kits contain “3 art boards to decorate with sparkling sequins and glistening […]

Kids Craft Product Review: Kirigami Flowers by Brainogami

Emma Wreath

My daughters definitely inherited my love to craft and create; my youngest could go through a full ream of paper in a week if I let her. My oldest wants to do craft reviews when she grows up, which I find absolutely adorable. They’re always asking if they can help me with my reviews (really, it’s a daily question around here), so needless to say they were ecstatic when I told them about Kid’s Crafting week here at Craft Test […]

Kid’s Craft Review: Art Journal Kit by Artterro


Art Journaling is all the rage in the scrapbooking/ crafting community- so it’s no surprise that someone should come up with an art journal geared toward kids! Artterro has done just that- they’ve created a kid-friendly kit that encourages drawing, writing, doodling, and collage. This kit consists of the mat board bound journal, pretty handmade papers, pocket pages and some really fun idea pages. (Note: you supply scissors, drawing/writing materials, glue etc.) Here’s how the Art Journal kit is described […]

Kids Craft Product Review: Do-A-Dot Art Markers from DotArt

Do-A-Dot Review - 08

My 3 kids love to make art, and between my art supplies and theirs, we have a ton of arts and crafts products in our home.  Somehow, though, we hadn’t managed to acquire anything similar to today’s product, and I have no idea why…because it’s a win-win for everyone…no mess and tons of fun! Do-A-Dot Art sponge-tip applicator markers are what you would commonly think of as “bingo markers.”  But they’re not quite the same.  Let me share them with […]

How-To: Duct Tape Coin Pouch

Duct Tape Coin Pouch

My kiddos need to take lunch money to school everyday- either for buying hot lunch or for milk money. Since they can’t really be trusted with loose money in their pockets- and they’ve lost every “real” wallet they’ve ever had- I made some duct tape coin pouches. I have some of this cool patterned duct tape on hand, but you can use the plain ol’ silver if that’s what you’ve got. You’ll also need a pair of good non-stick scissors- […]

“100 Days” Craft Idea


So, this is new to me: my kids celebrate the first 100 days of school. (We didn’t do this back in the day.) As a result, my first grader was required to bring in 100 items- anything, really- and display them for the class. The purpose is counting, I suppose. But I saw this as a crafter-tunity to use up some beads AND get my daughter making art! Since I recently thinned out my beading stash (yes, I am a […]

Tween Craft: Personalized Locker Mirrors

locker mirrors

Here’s another tutorial I did for CraftsUnleashed- it’s so fun and easy for the kids to do! Would be fun for their rooms, as well. I got the idea for decorating a mirror from this post I wrote about Pattie Wilkinson’s washer necklaces! Remember getting your first locker? How cool it felt- and SO grown-up- to have your own private space. A space not just to keep your books, but a space that became a home-base for the day. A […]

Kid’s Craft: Button Photo Ornaments

Button Photo Ornament by Jenny Rohrs

About this time of year, my kids get the itch to start making gifts for friends, teachers, and grandparents. I came up with a kid-friendly craft that will enable them to give a gift they’ll be proud of- and it’s a great way to share those wallet-size photos from school pictures! I used a manual die-cutting machine for this (the Spellbinders Grand Calibur) because my kids, ages 6 and 10, know how to use it independently and frankly the results […]

Crafty Project: Hand Made Post Cards

Inspiration Photo- Bailey

Recently my family and I took a trip to London. We certainly wanted to send home postcards to our families, but somehow sending store-bought cards seemed really unoriginal. So we decided to make home-made postcards! We started out by purchasing the Strathmore watercolor postcard blanks- but really, you could just cut your own (4 inches by 6 inches is standard.) I brought a fine-line Bic marker for a bold line, and the Sharpie Pen for a thinner line. I also […]

Kid’s Nature Journal from Paper Bags


My little girl LOVES nature- and we cannot take a walk to the corner without picking up leaves, seeds, and flowers to press. Since I reviewed the Cinch binding tool, I decided to make her a special nature journal so she can collect her treasures & keep them safe. You need: The Cinch book binding tool and binding wires (I used 1 inch wires) OR a 1/4 hole punch 4 paper lunch sacks 6X9 f Foamie sheets, in your choice […]

Kid’s Craft Kit Review: “Make Your Own Lip Balm” from Creativity For Kids by Faber-Castell

Make Your Own Lip Balm kit by Creativity for Kids

My little girl is a GIRLY girl- she loves to craft, and if it’s something she can wear or use (like soaps or lotions) then she is in her own pink heaven. That’s why when she got the “Make Your Own Lip Balm” kit from Creativity for Kids (a subsidiary of Faber-Castell), I knew she’d be begging me to let her open it up and get crafting! This kit comes with: 5 cosmetic tins lip balm carrying case lip balm […]

Kids Craft Kit Review:Shapelets Stretchy Band Design System

Shapelets Stretch Band Design System

For awhile at my house, “Silly Bandz” were all the rage- they were worn, traded, lost, argued over, and even used as bribes (ok, that was me.) So imagine how the idea of making your OWN DESIGNS in stretchy bracelets sounded to my kids? Yup, they went ga-ga over it! And last weekend, when it was particularly rainy, I broke open the kit and let them go wild. I received the kit as a sample at CHA Winter, which included […]

Father’s Day Polymer Clay Keyfobs


Here’s a great, quick Father’s Day gift you can whip up in no time. I originally published this tutorial on CraftsUnleashed, but I thought it should be shared here, too. These would also be cool zipper pulls for luggage or backpacks, too! Sometimes it’s a little, functional gift that shows Dad how much you care- and you can make these in an hour or so with just a few colors of polymer clay! Polymer clay is a wonderful medium for […]

Craft Product Review: Garden Art Kit from Artterro

ArtTerro Garden Art Kit

Since April is my “Go Green” month, I thought it was high time to revisit the marvelous art kits by ArtTerro. Previously I’d reviewed Painting with Wool, the Bubble Wand, and the Wire and Bead Sculpture Kits, so this time ’round we’re going to talk about the Garden Art Kit– apropos, right? The Garden Art Kit is described thusly on their website: Combine thick high quality copper and thinner colored wire, glass, shell and wooden beads and marbles to make […]

Kid’s Craft Review: Cupcake Soap Kit


My crafty daughter loves to play with clay and loves to mold soaps, so I thought this would be a great Christmas gift- the “Make Your Own Cupcake Soap” kit by Creativity for Kids. This kit is jam-packed with product it includes White Soap Clay Brown Soap Clay Yellow Soap Clay Light Pink Soap Clay Red Soap Clay Purple Soap Clay Green Soap Clay Pink Bath Salts Iridescent Glitter Plastic sculpting tool 3 Paper cupcake liners 3 Plastic cupcake storage […]

Crafty Toys of Christmas Past

Christmas 1975 or -'76.

I was looking through some scrapbooks from my youth the other day, and I ran across some Christmas photos. There, in it’s faded glory, was my Lite-Brite, my set of Fashion plates, and that craft with plastic-flowers-you-put-on headbands. Man, what was that thing called??? Anyway, it got me thinking… I got so many great crafty toys as a kid, and I’m sure that influenced the crafter I am today. So I put it out there on Facebook, with the simple […]

Fall Party Juice Box Cuffs or Napkin Rings

Have the kids help with the sanding!

I’m the mom to two kids, and I love to participate in their school events. A few years ago I came up with the idea of decorating the juice boxes for their Halloween class party- I mean, why shouldn’t the drinks be as cute as everything else? And this year I’ve modified the design so that the kids can take the cuffs OFF the juice boxes and take them home to use as napkin rings…or wear as bracelets! So here’s […]

Kid’s Craft Kit Review: Total Class Creative “Fall Felt”

TCCcaraccents 001

I know Halloween is just around the corner, but I have a few crafty fall/Halloween goodies that were too good to wait ’til next year! One of those is from Total Class Creative. They have a line of “Fall Felt” crafting goodies, and they send me some to play with! The line includes felt baskets, pop-up boxes, and sticky felt shapes. I got a leaf assortment and pumpkin faces! Since this is a “peel-and-stick” craft, it’s perfect for the little […]