“Frozen” Inspired Birthday Cake

Frozen-Inspired Birthday Cake- tint the frosting and then use rock candy to make the "Ice Castle."

File this one under “dedicated mommy.” My sister, who is very crafty and talented creatively made a birthday cake for my niece that is inspired by what else? FROZEN. Because four-year-old girls, of course! Disclosure:some of the links below are affiliate links and I will receive a small commission from your purchase. Thank you for supporting CraftTestDummies! My sister gets all the credit- even the photos! She started off by making 2 box cake mixes and dying the batter different […]

Glue Resist Wall Art Featuring Faber-Castel Gel Crayons

Canvas Art using glue resist and Gel Crayons from Faber-Castell

Here’s a fun project that you can do with your kids or even for yourself! Make some wall art that speaks to you! You’ll need: canvas paper (it comes in pads and is very economical) or a stretched canvas if you prefer Gesso (read my primer on gesso if you are not sure what that is or why you should use it pencil white glue or gel-style glue. I found that the glitter glue from Elmer’s worked best. (affiliate link) Faber Castell […]

Does Duck Tape Scents Really Smell?

Duck Tape Scents- do they really smell? Find out at CraftTestDummies.com!

Earlier last month we got some of the new Duck Tape Scents in here at CTD WHQ.  Of course, my kids junior assistants were super-interested in them… so I figured, let’s ask THEM if they smells are good and/or accurate. Take a look at this video we shot: I think it’s worthy of not that my son had that tingling sensation in his nose… and the “phantom smell” lasted for about an hour for him. But there was no real […]

Craft Product Review: LoopDeDoo Bracelet Spinning Loom

LoopDeDoo Spinning Loom

Every now and then I’m cruising through a craft store and something will catch my eye. (Or my daughter’s eye.) I’m not sure which one of us saw this product first- me or her- but I knew that we were going to be buying it and bringing it home to try out.   The kit we bought was for bracelets, and it included the spinning loom, tray, and thread. Here’s how it’s described on the website: Design your own friendship […]

Jellyfish Wind Sock Tutorial

Jellyfish Windsock Tutorial from CraftTestDummies.com

I shared some BIG NEWS with you all last week, and I teased that I was going to make a Jellyfish for one of my segments. Well, I did. But I decided not to wait to share it with you. You all get first peeks! This is a fun project for a party, kids’ room…heck, I’d love a whole school of them in my studio. For real. Materials List: 5” Styrofoam ball rubber band plastic knife acrylic craft paint/brush (optional) […]

Doctor Who Inspired Galaxy Shoes

Doctor Who Inspired Galaxy and Tardis Shoes- video tutorial on CraftTestDummies.com

My little girl is a full-on Doctor Who super fan. She watches the shows obsessively and had started requesting more clothing and craft projects that center around the Tardis, sonic screwdrivers, weeping angels and daleks! So be prepared, folks- there will be more Doctor Who crafts showing up here soon. But back to today’s project. We were attending a Doctor Who live event at our local movie theater and she needed some shoes to accent her Tardis Dress from Hot […]

Book Review: Never Been Stitched by Amanda Carestio

apron from never been stitched book

I have been sewing a long, long time. More than half my life. But that doesn’t stop me from keeping my eye out for books for beginning sewers, like this book “Never Been Stitched” by Amanda Carestio, with the contributions of others. I have lots of friends who want advice on learning how to sew. And since I can’t send them to my mom’s house to learn on a hand-crank Singer like I did, I like having some basic books […]

Kid’s Crafts: Play Doh DohVinci by Hasbro

Play Doh embellishements

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you are already well aware of the legendary modeling clay Play Doh. This year Hasbro took it to the next level by creating a new hand-held extruder for the distinctive-smelling compound- and what you get is DohVinci! I received this comp package from a blogger’s conference I went to…and let me tell you, the minute I unpacked it my  9-year old daughter bugged me incessantly to crack it open. Of course, I had […]

Decoden Zipper Pull/Luggage Tag Tutorial

Decoden Zipper Pull Tutorial

As I mentioned in my review yesterday, Decoden is HUGE right now- and lucky for us, it’s a really easy and fun craft for anyone who has the “more-is-MORE” aesthetic. So let’s get started! Disclosure: Links below are affiliate links and I will receive a small commission on your purchase. Thank you for supporting my blog! You will need: a laminate sample chip (like at the home improvement store) Decoden Bling or Collage Clay Spray mist (optional) Fine glitter Rhinestones Theme […]

Fishtail Stretch Band Bracelet without a Loom!

Fishtail Bracelet using a Plastic Fork

So yesterday I shared my daughter’s experience with the Cra-Z-Loom (like a Rainbow Loom.) But as she was trying to master the Fishtail Bracelet, I realized that it would actually be easier without one. All we needed was something to hold the loops. Many kids use their fingers, but it’s a little tiring as well as leaving you sore! So we came up with the idea of using a plastic fork with the middle tines broken out. Other than that, […]

Cra-Z-Loom Bracelet Maker Loom


If you have children in your house between the ages of 5 and 15, you already know about the bracelet loom phenomenon.  It’s the craft using rubber band loops and a plastic loom to create different designs that you can turn in to bracelets (or necklaces, for that matter.)  The kind folks at Toys R Us and Cra-Z-Art graciously sent one  for my “junior assistants” to try out! Here’s how it’s described on the website: The simple loop, weave and […]

Product Review: Creativity for Kids – Tie Dye Kit

product photo

I admit it, I have never, ever tie dyed anything before.  It’s always seemed messy and a little daunting to me.  My oldest daughter Emma picked up this Tie Dye kit by Creativity for Kids (which is owned by CTD favorite, Faber-Castell) up at the local Target with some of her allowance money.  I kind of rolled my eyes when she and my husband brought it home and he disappeared into the other room.  Upon closer look, I noticed that […]

Kid’s Craft Idea- Crepe Paper “Painting” Recycle Crafting

If you like, you can then have your young artist outline the paintings with black paint to help define the images.

This is a craft that I’ve done with the kids, but I’ve also done by myself for fun. It’s also eco-friendly, because you can re-use tissue and crepe paper from parties, presents, and packaging. The idea is to use the wet the tissue paper onto watercolor paper and let it “bleed” to create a picture. Wanna learn how? All you need is: used tissue and crepe paper that is not water-resistant (this is very important) Larger sheet of watercolor paper […]

SEI Color My Own Iron-On Transfers &Tumble Dye

sei, iron on, iron-on, craft test dummies, craft, flocking

Are you a child of the 80’s? Remember those cool black velvet flocked posters that you could get at the drugstore? They came with a set of crummy markers and you got to color them in yourself? Those were the days. However, you can relive that time with SEI’s Color My Own Fuzzy Iron-On Art transfers. From the SEI website: Our iron-on flock transfers can be applied to any surface that will withstand the heat of an iron, i.e. wood, […]

How-To: Minecraft Images in Perler Beads

Clockwise from upper left: Diamond, Sword, Pickax, and Creeper.

I kid about my children being my “junior assistants.” But lately, my 11-year-old son has taken on a crafting identity all his own. I really wanted to share his creations- and process- with you. “D” really enjoys playing a game called MineCraft and has been playing for the last 6 months or so. Minecraft is a game about placing blocks to build anything you can imagine. At night monsters come out, make sure to build a shelter before that happens. Part […]

How-To: After School Snack Menu

Chalk Ink Markers

After school is always a kind of hectic time for my household. The kids burst in, tired from their day and walk home, and the first thing they do is as “what’s for snack??” So I make a quick snack menu to hang so that they know right away and I can cut down on the mayhem!   I started out with a slate cheese tray that has rope handles. (I found it in the close-out bin at my craft […]

Kid’s Craft Product Review- Natural Paint by Clementine Art

Palette of 6 colors.

In a world of allergies and questions about what chemicals REALLY go into art supplies, I was excited to try out Clementine Art products. I saw them on Amazon.com and couldn’t wait to try them out! Here’s how it’s described by the manufacturer: Clementine art introduces a new way of doing art with children. Our inviting, open-ended materials encourage children to create real art. Our fresh and natural art supplies support the healthy development of your child. Clementine is art […]

How-To: Art Bombs {Outdoor Crafting}


Today we have a guest post on the topic of Outdoor Crafting from Nicola Crozier. She is a freelance writer with a particular interest in handmade crafts. {{UPDATE: please make sure to read all the way to the bottom of this post before attempting to do this craft!}} Crafting doesn’t have to be kept indoors you know! This summer, why don’t you make the most of the weather and get outside to start your next craft project? There are multitudes […]

Children’s “Stained Glass” Effect Window Decoration from Baker Ross {UK}


Today we have a lovely sponsored tutorial from Baker Ross, a UK-based craft supplier. They’ve offered to share this tutorial with the CTD community-I thought it would be a perfect craft for Vacation Bible School  enjoy!  There’s something about stained glass windows which makes me feel very calm and peaceful. Hopefully, they will inspire the same feelings of serenity in children who make arts and crafts versions of the glorious windows you find in churches, chapels, cathedrals and abbeys! To […]