Packing for a Polymer Clay Retreat!

Front flap zips down and clear pockets snap off.

Last fall my crafty BFF Vicki O’Dell, the Creative Goddess (you should check out her site and I took a little in-state road trip to the International Polymer Clay Associations’ polymer clay retreat! It was a weekend in Dublin, Ohio, at a hotel…but while the venue was small, it packed it a lot of fun and information! But…this post is about PACKING for the retreat. You see, it was the first one I’d even been to, and I just […]

Polyslicer Combo Review from Polymer Clay Tutor Cindy Lietz

Photo by Cindy Lietz.

If you work in polymer clay, you know that making nice, thin slices is a skill that a lot of us don’t possess. And if you are trying to slice CURED polymer clay canes, well, good luck to you. A nail art technician invented a tool called the Polyslicer Combo that is VERY handy for polymer clay artists, as well. I haven’t reviewed this tool, but I stumbled on Cindy The Polymer Clay Tutor’s video and I thought it would be good […]

The Best Glue For Polymer Clay? Results From

Glues for Polymer clay from The Blue Bottle

As a polymer clayer, there are so many things to know and learn- and this is information that I’ve asked myself- what is the best glue for polymer clay? The answer is- well, it depends! What you are gluing to it, is the clay raw or baked, and what is the final piece being used for? Lucky for us, Ginger Davis Allman of has come up with a comprehensive list of adhesives, joins, and solutions! This is an excellent […]

International Polymer Clay Association Retreat in Columbus Ohio


Sometimes, you just need a “creative jumpstart” to get your mojo flowing, or a road trip, or a combination of both. My best crafty pal Vicki O’Dell and I decided that we’d do just that and headed down to the International Polymer Clay Association retreat last week, which was held in our home state of Ohio!   I’m not gonna lie- Vicki and I are like peanut butter and jelly and we have fun anywhere we go. But this was […]

Overview of New Sculpey and Premo Products from Cindy Lietz

The Universe seems to be sending me messages lately. First, I was reminded in my Behind the Page interview that Polymer Clay was my “desert island” craft. And THEN I found out that the International Polymer Clay Association Retreat was being held in my home state! And then I got a righteous box of goodies from Sculpey! Well…. I got a box a while ago. But I just found it again. (gulp.) Anyway, I’ve been meaning to working on a […]

Jacquard Pearl Ex – New Colors

New Jacquard Pearl Ex Pigments

Jacquard Pearl Ex pigment powders are extremely versatile supplies for any artist or crafter. They now come in over 30 colors. I’ll be testing some of the brand new Chromatic Colors: Citrine, Emerald, Magenta, Sapphire Blue, Scarlet and Dark Brown. This collection is a really gorgeous intense set of jewel tones with a deep lovely brown. Here’s a description from Jacquard’s website: “Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments are our most versatile product! Jacquard Pearl Ex is a safe, pearlescent, non-toxic, inert […]

Krylon Leafing Pens

Krylon Leafing Pens: review on

Ever wish you could just gold-leaf something? Add a bit of metallic elegance? Today we are looking at Krylon Leafting Pens, and they will let you do just that! Let’s take a look! Here’s the description from the package: KrylonLeafing pens add a touch of elegance to your home accents. All you need is a little imagination! Leafing Pen dispenses a fast-drying, metallic paint for highlighting any art, craft, or home decor project. Special chisel point allows you to vary […]

Piccolo Instant UV Curing Resin from GlobeCraft

Piccolo UV Resin from Globecraft

Resins are very big right now in jewelry-making and mixed media, but most are 2-part epoxies that take hours to dry. What if you could get the same, non-yellowing jewelry grade effect in about 3 minutes? With Piccolo Instant UV Resin, you can. Here’s how it’s described on the website: Piccolo Instant UV Resin cures in sunlight or under a UV nail salon light in 3 minutes.   It is scratch resistant, never yellows and waterproof.   It has low odor and […]

Craft Product Review: Texture Treads by Ranger Industries

Tag featuring Silk Glaze monoprint; Card featuring UTEE embellishment and printed background (dusted with Perfect Pearls.)

I really enjoy adding texture and patterns to my mixed-media projects- and Melt Art Texture Treads from Ranger Industries does just that. While they were designed to be used with UTEE (ultra thick embossing enamels,) they can be used on so much more. Let’s take a look! Here’s how they are described on the Ranger Ink website: Texture Treads were designed especially for use with UTEE (Ultra Thick Embossing Enamels) and the Melting Pot®. Create textured embellishments for jewelry making, homedécor, paper crafts […]

Craft Fave: Frantage Fragments by Stampendous


Stampendous isn’t just for stampers anymore- mixed media artists and polymer clay afficionados, take note: Mica Fragments and Shaved Ice are some fun add-ins you’ll want to have in your studio. Mica Fragments are just that- colored flakes of mica that are much chunkier than glitter. Mica is a natural, heat-resistant form of sheet silicate minerals that fragments easily into layers. Lucky for us, they are also light weight, have some shine to them, and can be colored easily. (And […]

Craft Product Review: Amazing Mold Putty

partyresinwax 037

One of the very best things about CHA is that you get exposed to new companies and products that you don’t usually see in stores. That’s why I was intrigued by the “Amazing Crafting Products” booth. Over the next two days I’ll be reviewing two of their products, and the first is Amazing Mold Putty. Amazing Mold Putty allows you to make your own flexible, heat-resistant, silicone molds that are usable for polymer clay, chocolate, wax, UTEE, or resin. Here’s […]

Craft Product Review: SuperClear Resin by Resin Obsession

resincloveremboss 001

I enjoy using resin in some of my jewelry and mixed-media projects, but I know it’s intimidating to some. There’s mixing involved, and often the materials are considered “toxic.” Then there is the question of what resin is best for what applications. Today I’m reviewing SuperClear Resin: a non-toxic, 2-part casting resin for jewelry making from ResinObsession. This is unlike other 2-part resins I’ve used, both because it’s non-toxic and because it’s really just for casting objects in molds.  But […]

Craft Product Review: Poly Bonder by Lisa Pavelka

resincloveremboss 018

I must admit that I’ve had this product tucked away on the shelf for quite a while now, but haven’t been doing much polymer clay. Since I had to make some new samples for an upcoming class, I thought this would be a great time to crack it open and try it out. Poly Bonder is manufactured by JHB International and is sold under the Lisa Pavelka Signature Series brand. (I’ll just say that from my experience, Lisa Pavelka has […]

Craft Product Review: Kid’s Choice Glue By Beacon Adhesives

tccpurplecowstudiopaintcinch 016

Day Four!  I’m having an “Adhesive Week” here at Craft Test Dummies! We need all kinds of adhesives for all kinds of crafting, and I’m so glad to be able to share some new favorites with you. So the genesis of this review came from an unlikely place- Twitter! Once of my followers asked me if I knew of a non-toxic glue to use with kids that would adhere as well as E-6000 for sticking pin backs onto ceramic pieces.  […]

Craft Product Review: Lisa Pavelka Signature Art Clay by Viva Decor

plaqueMP 006

One of my crafty loves is polymer clay, and I’ve reviewed  Studio by Sculpey (may it rest in peace) and Pardo Jewellery Clay by Viva Decor. Newest version on the block? Pardo Art Clay by Viva Decor. Lisa Pavelka has been working with Viva Decor for a while now, and she likes this formulation so much that she has lent her name to it and made it part of her “Signature Series.” So let’s get to it! If you are […]

Craft Product Review: Lisa Pavelka’s Signature Craft Foils

Here’s an article I wrote for CraftCritique back in May of 2009, and I realized I’d never shared it here. As you may know, I love Polymer Clay (and Lisa Pavelka), so it deserves another mention here, with a few edits. Enjoy! I love shimmer, shine, and glitz, so I was excited to get my hands on the newest mylar foils sold by Lisa Pavelka under the “Signature Series” label. I got the “Expressions” colors, which has one sheet each […]

Craft Product Review: Smooch Acrylic Paints

A felt nib is integrated into the handle.

I went to a stamping/scrapping convention last year, and every third booth had these little finger-nail polish looking bottles labeled “Smooch.” Huh? Well, I finally got my hands on some and played with it! Come to find out, Smooch is a shimmery acrylic paint manufactured by Clearsnap, and it’s meant for detail work in your paper crafting. Currently it comes in 30 colors, sold in little bottles that have a felt nib applicator in the handle. And yes, it looks […]

Craft Product Review: Cloud Clay by Amaco- part 1

march102010 003

Many of you faithful readers know that I love polymer clay and am excited to try out all of the different brands on the market. So when Amaco offered to send me samples of “Cloud Clay,” I thought, “FUN!” and told them to bring it on. First, a bit about Cloud Clay is not polymer clay, but rather an air-dry variety. It’s also VERY light and has a foamy feel…but we’ll get to all that in a minute. Here’s how […]

Ice Ice (Resin), Baby!

Sample courtesy of the beautiful people at

  Ok, only a few of you will actually get the Vanilla Ice reference in the title- but I couldn’t resist! Today I’m talking about Ice Resin, a 2-part epoxy resin that is jewelry grade. The beautiful people at Objects and Elements told me it will never yellow, and the best part is that it’s labeled non-toxic! I received a sample at CHA Winter 2010, and I really couldn’t wait to get it back home to try out. It’s one […]

Article on Ice Resin for Craft Critique!

Ice Resin- a 2-part non-toxic resin

As some of you know, I write for Craft Critique, and have been doing some CHA coverage for them. I got a chance to write a post about Ice Resin, a product I’m really excited to try out. It’s a non-toxic 2-part resin (most 2-part epoxy resins are HIGHLY toxic) and is touted as being non-yellowing. Fabulous artist and fellow Ohioan Susan Lenart Kazmer uses this resin in her work, and frankly, she knows her stuff! I have a sample […]