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Sweet Treats for the Holidays

December 20, 2013


Cream Cheese Candies-

Can I tell you a secret? I’m really not into baking that much. After all, my Mom has the “mother-of-all-cutout-cookies” recipe and is CLEARLY the queen of the cookies. But I do enjoy making candies. Well, kind of candies. Mostly “cheater” candies. But you know what else? They are pretty dang good. So I thought […]

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How To: Make Mint Thins “Cookies” for Hostess Gifts

December 21, 2012



  It’s the rush of the holiday season again- and while I’d shared this project on CraftsUnleashed awhile back, I forgot to share it here. And truthfully, if you pop by my house today, this is really what I’m doing.  While they are made with simple buttery crackers, they taste like the expensive scout cookies […]

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Food Craft: Review of Wilton “Punch.Cut. Decorate!” Sugar Sheet Cutters

August 9, 2011


Food crafting is STILL a big deal in the crafting community- and every day we see more and more tools and products that make it easier and  more fun. Case in point: the Wilton “Punch. Cut. Decorate!” line. The system consists of special food-grade “punches”- much like paper punches- that make cutting sugar sheets, fondant, […]

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