Craft Product Review: Self-Finishing Needlepoint Coaster Kit from Jenny Henry Designs


For this review, I tried out a fun and surprisingly modern Self-Finishing Needlepoint Coaster Kit in the knotwork pattern from Jenny Henry Designs. Consider yourself warned: this is definitely NOT the kind of plastic canvas project that your grandma gave you as a kid! According to the Jenny Henry Designs Etsy Shop: This kit contains everything you need to create a set of four needlepoint coasters. 10 designs to choose from. Kit contents: 5 – 4″ x 4″ plastic needlepoint […]

Craft Product Review: Neenah EPC™ Film Cuttable Heat Transfer Film


Today, I’m reviewing Neenah EPC™ Film – Environmentally Preferable Cuttable Film. Neenah EPC™ Film is marketed as a greener alternative to more traditional vinyl heat transfer sheets, and it can be used as a substitute for vinyl heat transfer film in just about any project. It’s available in both multi and single color packs, and comes in green, black, white, blue and red. According to the Neenah website and downloadable brochure: Neenah EPC™ Film – Environmentally Preferable Cuttable Film Neenah […]

Laura Murray Designs and “StarBuilder Inspirations”

StarBuilder Inspirations by Laura Murray Designs

Last year when I attended the Original Sewing and Quilting Expo here in Cleveland, I saw a lot of the same-old-same-old. However, there is one booth- one designer, really- who speaks to me year after year. I love Laura Murray Designs and her focus on surface design. (She’s where I first learned about foiling on fabric and also how to use Shiva Paintstiks on fabric!) Laura didn’t disappoint this year, either- she’s come out with an new book and rubber […]

Craft Product Review: Liquid Fusion from Aleene’s


Adhesives are one of a crafter’s best friends- we need glues for everything from paper to fabric and everything in between! Liquid Fusion from Aleene’s claims to be 2 ounces of “pure muscle” by the description on their site.  Let’s put that claim to the test. The description straight from their site is as follows: Liquid Fusion® Clear Urethane Glue is to the crafting world what energy drinks are to the sports world—2 ounces of PURE MUSCLE!  Fed up with […]

Craft Product Review: Kwik Sew Organizer Patterns


I definitely know a thing or two about keeping a craft room neat and tidy, so these Kwik Sew organizer patterns are right up my alley. And, since September is National Sewing Month, it’s the perfect time for a sewing pattern review! The fine folks at Kwik Sew gave me several organizer patterns to try out when I stopped by their booth at Winter CHA. For this review, I selected the Pouch with Pincushion & Cup Organizer pattern set because […]

Craft Product Review: Martha Stewart Crafts Pierce and Stitch Starter Kit


Sewing has always been my craft of choice, and I incorporate stitching into everything from clothing and home décor to paper projects. So, when I got the opportunity to review the Martha Stewart Crafts Pierce and Stitch Starter Kit from EK Success Brands, I couldn’t wait to try out the specialized tools—especially the piercing mat and templates! When I opened the package, I found that the kit contained everything I needed to do the actual piercing and stitching, so I […]

Craft Product Review: ScrapBands

ScrapBands - available in two sizes - go to

I’ve been away from scrapbooking for a while…years, really.  And while I’ve been making a valid attempt to return to the craft, I have yet to complete any scrapbooks.  But that didn’t stop me from being intrigued by today’s new product, ScrapBands.  These stretchy bands – which come in plenty of decorative designs or in plain ones you can decorate yourself – are totally versatile and can be used on scrapbooks, art journals, Smash books, handmade books and journals to […]

Craft Product Review: Sullivans Embroidery Floss


Today, I’m reviewing a selection of Sullivans embroidery flosses, including standard embroidery floss, pearl cotton, and metallic floss. While Sullivans might not be as well known as some other embroidery floss brands on the market, I was immediately drawn to the rich color, consistent texture, and lustrous appearance of the skeins—especially the pearl cotton. I decided that the best way to get a feel for the overall collection was to put all of the floss types to the test in […]

Craft Product Review: The Knook by Leisure Arts

The Knook Beginner Set in its original packaging

The Knook by Leisure Arts is a system for creating knitted fabric using a crochet hook and a silky cord instead of a second needle. From The Knook page: • Learning to knit is easy with the Knook and our step-by-step instructions! Great for beginners! • One tool—a new & unique specialized bamboo crochet hook—replaces the traditional needles! • No more dropped stitches to chase after! Hook & cord keep them secure! I have a confession to make: I can’t […]

Craft Product Review: Stencils by iStencils

iStencils Stencils

Sencils are the new stickers. For the longest time, stencils were boring, dated, and passe. But recently, new, improved, and totally hip stencils have been hitting the market. I was lucky that contacted me to try out their line- they are SO cool! Here’s a little bit about iStencils from the website: We have one of the largest online selections of stencils for home decor, custom clothing and more, including many different wall stencils, letter stencils, graffiti stencils and […]

Craft Tool Review: iRock Hot-Fix Crystal Setter by Imaginisce

Heart-burlap; purple-cotton; orange-silk

I love some sparkle and shine on both my paper and fabric projects. And nothing beats some rhinestones to add that “pop” of dazzle! But sometimes the idea of getting out the hot-fix iron is irritating. (Not to mention having to crawl under my craft table to access the outlet.) So I was really eager to try out my new iRock Crystal Heat-Setting Applicator by Imaginisce. It’s cordless! This compact tool is about 7.5 inches long, and the actual tip […]

Kid’s Craft Kit Review: Color-Me Quilt Craft Kit by S&S WorldWide

S&S Worldwide Color Me Quilt Kit

My daughter has just joined a “Daisy” troop, and I know that crafting will be a big part of the troops’ activities. The challenge is always trying to find something that everyone can do, pretty much independently, but is still open-ended and creative while cohesive to the group as a whole! Pretty tall order, right? Well, this kits fits the bill! In each kit you get: 25 pre-cut, pre-hemmed 8-inch white cotton fabric squares. Each has a pre-cut hole in […]

Craft Kit Review: “Let’s Start Crocheting” Beginner’s Kit from The Crochet Dude Drew Emborsky


I come from a long line of crafty ladies- needlepoint, cross-stitch, sewing, quilting, and knitting and crocheting were all activities my mom and grandmothers participated in. Somewhere along the line, though, I forgot to sit down with one of them and ask them to teach me to crochet properly. As a result, I wield a hook with a few half-baked stitches and no nomenclature to speak of! (Literally.) I heaved a HUGH sigh of relief when The Crochet Dude Drew […]

Craft Product Review: Babyville Boutique Sewing Line from Prym Consumer USA


Even though it’s technically designed with diapers in mind, and I definitely don’t have any rugrats of my own running around, I couldn’t wait to review the Babyville Boutiqueâ„¢ line from Prym Consumer USA! I may not be a mom, but the promise of breathable, waterproof fabric still sets my heart all aflutter, and polka dotted fold over elastic makes me a little weak in the knees. I mean, what sewer isn’t always on the lookout for good waterproof fabric […]

Craft Product Review: Fabric Paper By Die Cuts With a View (DCWV)


Fabric Paper by DCWV (Die Cuts with a View)  was on display at CHA Winter 2012, and all of us on TeamCTD got a little giddy. Fabric? That acts like paper? That’s ADHESIVE??? *Squee!* So let’s see how it works in real life! Ready? So first, let’s see how it’s described by the manufacturer: Newest in our line of innovative products is our Adhesive Fabric Paper Stack. Bursts of flowers, ornate accents, and weathered solids will give your projects and […]

Craft Product Review: LED Sewing Kit from


If you’re looking to add a little extra shine to your needlework and sewing projects, you’ll definitely want to check out this LED Sewing Kit from Becky at Even if you don’t have previous experience with creating circuits, don’t worry—the kits are easy to use and yield great results. Before I started this review, I’d never used conductive thread or LEDs in any of my projects, but I didn’t have any trouble getting started. Plus, at $10 each, the […]

Craft Product Review: Indigo Dye by Jacquard Products

Jacquard Indigo Tie Dye Kit

I’m intrigued by dyeing fabric. I quilt, and I was told once by a prominent quilter that once I started dyeing my own fabrics, I would be hooked and never go back. Sometimes, though, you need to dye fabric for a more practical reason- to hide a stain or restore color to denim. For all of these reasons I was intrigued by the Indigo Tie Dye kit by Jacquard Products. The it is described on the website: This kit brings […]

Yarn Review: Martha Stewart Wool Roving Yarn by Lion Brand


I am a super-novice knitter and crocheter. I can make a mean dishcloth and slightly-wonky scarf, and not much else. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t love- and use- yarn in my crafting. I mean, who doesn’t need a pom-pom wreath or some eyelash-fringe on an art quilt? So I decided to share my perspective of the new Martha Stewart Wool Roving Yarn by Lion Brand with you here today. Here’s how it is described on the website: Article […]

Craft Product Review: Lion Brand Yarn LB Collection Wool Stainless Steel Yarn


When I received a sample of the LB Collection® Wool Stainless Steel Yarn from Lion Brand Yarn, I immediately fell in love with the packaging and presentation. Plus, with such an odd name, I couldn’t wait to try it out and see what it could do (and how it would treat my hands). After testing it alone, then incorporating it into several different kinds of projects, I’m pleased to report that the yarn was a ton of fun to work […]

Craft Product Review: Clover Seams Right and Clover 5-in-1 Sliding Gauge (Stocking Stuffers!)


If you have a sewing enthusiast or fabric crafter on your holiday gift list, you’ll definitely want to stick around! For this review, I tested the Clover 5-in-1 Sliding Gauge and the Clover Seams Right, which are both products from their partnership with Nancy Zieman. I loved trying out both of these tools, and think that they would make wonderful additions to any craft room and great stocking stuffers for the holidays! Clover 5-in-1 Sliding Gauge According to the package: […]