Fabric Creations Soft Fabric Inks by Plaid

Fabric Creations™ Block Printing Soft Ink

Earlier this week I shared an unboxing video debuting the Fabric Creations Soft Fabric Inks by Plaid, as well as the Stamping Blocks. Today, I’m going to do a bit more in depth on these fabric paints and show you how they held up.   First this is how they are described on Plaid’s website: Super soft fabric ink is the perfect formulation for stamping, stenciling and brushing on fabric. Fashionable colors. Machine washable. Waterbased and non-toxic.  Well, let’s hear […]

Fabric Creations Block Printing Stamps from Plaid- Review and Demo

Fabric Creations™ Block Printing Stamps- review and video demonstration.

Yesterday I shared an unboxing video with you to show you a little bit about the Block Printing Stamps from Plaid (oh, and ALL of the designs, too!) But today I really want to share with you my experiences with how they work on fabric, paper, and clay! I also use a variety of paints, inks, and markers in today’s review and demonstration.  Disclosure: Samples provided for review purposes; however my opinions are honest and my own and based on […]

Unboxing and Overview of the Fabric Creations Block Printing Line from Plaid

Fabric Creations™ Block Printing Stamps

Last January at CHA I drooled all over myself when I saw the Fabric Creations line from Plaid. The stamps looked just like authentic wood stamping blocks (and actually cast from original wood ones, too!) You can imagine how I jumped for joy when these beauties hit my doorstep last week. Disclosure: Samples provided for review purposes; however my opinions are honest and my own and based on my first-hand experience. I was not financially compensated for this video nor […]

Selecting Batting for your next Quilt Project

selecting batting for your next quilt project

If you’re just starting out in quilting, the process of selecting a batting for your quilted project can be daunting! There are so many battings to choose from. You may select a batting that is on hand, is on sale, or that is recommended by a friend… but does it really make a difference what batting you choose? The answer is YES! The batting you select for a project can make a big difference in the way your quilted project […]

iCraft Deco Foil Hot Melt Adhesive from Therm-O-Web

iCraft Deco Foil & Hot Melt Adhesive by Therm-O-Web

As you know, foil is a HUGE trend right now…. and I’ve shared how to add it to your projects AND a review of the iCraft Deco Foil… so now let’s take a closer look at the iCraft Deco Foil Hot Melt Adhesive.  Disclosure: This is an unsponsored review. Product was provided for review. All opinions are honest and my own and based on my personal, first-hand experience with the product. Links below may include affiliate links and purchases made […]

Review: Speed Sew / Dritz Liquid Stitch Fabric Mender

Speed Sew Adhesive

I love my sewing machine, but sometimes you need a quick fix or a convenient no-sew project. I was approached by the makers of Speed Sew (out of Canada) to give it a go- so I was absolutely game. They provided the product for this review. From the website: Credibility: Speed-Sew has been on the market over 45 years. Once you start using Speed-Sew you will continue to love Speed-Sew. Longevity: Speed-Sew has an amazing shelf life. You have no risk in buying 2, […]

Kid’s Sewing Kits by Jennifer Jangles

Jennifer Jangles Booth at the International Quilt Market

Last fall at the International Quilt Market I ran across one of the most colorful, festive and HAPPY booths- Jennifer Jangles. It drew me right in. And I’ve got a daughter who is crafty…so I wondered if some of these kits might be a good fit. Jennifer was gracious enough to send me home with a few. Since we’ve been deluged with snow days lately, it was the perfect time to crack open and kit and get my daughter going. […]

Printing on Fabric; Tests and Results from The Sewing Loft

From The Sewing Loft

I love it when I find a post that answers a question that I, myself, would have asked. I met my new friend Heather of the Sewing Loft at the Quilt Market last fall and she’s one sharp and talented cookie. Furthermore, she thinks like a “CraftTestDummy” and has posted her results of her experiments with printing on fabric- including wash results! Head on over to her blog today and read the entire post- it’s SUCH good info for sewists […]

Product Review: Terial Magic

spray terial magic

As a quilter and crafter, I’ve tried the more traditional ways to stabilize my fabrics – using spray starch and using Best Press. So, when I was asked to try out Terial Magic, I wasn’t sure how excited I would be. Spoiler alert: I was VERY excited! Terial Magic is a liquid that comes in a spray bottle. It works a little different than starch or best press. You spray it on your fabric, wring out the fabric, allow it […]

Trends: Quilt Market 2014: Digital Die Cutting

This machine comes in a 12-inch version (MSRP $799) or the 15-inch version (MSRP $999.)

After years in the crafting industry and going to the CHA tradeshows, I’m used to seeing die-cutting everywhere. I was really surprised, though, to see digital die-cutting and the way it’s taken over the sewing and quilting industry! I knew that the Brother ScanNCut actually debuted at Quilt Market last year and that it had a great toe-hold in the sewing market. Brother is continuing to develop new accessory packages as well. You’ll see vinyl, glitter sheets, printable stickers and […]

Overview of the Durathon Iron

Durathon Iron Review

It seems like I’ve missed National Sewing Month by a few days, but it’s always a good time for a sewing-themed review. Even if you are not a sewist, you probably use an iron for clothes or crafts- so you’d better have a good iron on hand.  I have a tendency to be hard on my irons- I iron all kinds of un-ironable things… and drop them frequently. So I was in the market for a new one. Thanks, Hamilton Beach, for sending me […]

Iron Cover Comparison

compare holes on bottom

If you do a lot of ironing – like most quilters and seamstresses, you might own an iron cover, or be in the market for one. Recently, I reviewed the Clover Press Perfect Iron Safe Iron Cover here on Craft Test Dummies. You can check out my full review – but the end result was that as an experienced quilter, I decided it wasn’t a product I need in my sewing studio. I decided to test a second iron cover […]

Clover Press Perfect Iron Safe Review

cover installed on iron

As a quilter, I do a lot of ironing. Fabric needs to be pressed before it can be cut and seams need to be pressed – either open, or to the side, depending on the project. I starch my fabrics, or use best press, or sometimes just a little extra steam. My iron gets a work out. So when I was asked to try out the Clover Press Perfect Iron Safe, I thought I’d give it a try! Irons are […]

Fiskars Rotary Blade Replacement Review

replacing the cartridge

Earlier, I shared my review of the Fiskars Rotary Cutter and Ruler Combo. One thing I wasn’t able to chat about in my review was the no-touch blade system, since I didn’t have a blade replacement cartridge to try. The awesome folks at Fiskars sent me a blade replacement cartridge, and I’m super excited to share my findings with you! Before we go on, I should tell you that I have a history with rotary cutters. When I was 12, […]

Review: Oly*Fun by Fairfield World

Comes in 18 colors, and two forms- cut from a 60" wide bolt at the fabric or box store, or in these grab-and-go packs that are 20" by 3 yards.

I was given the opportunity to test out and do a fabric review for a new fabric called Oly*Fun. It’s made by Fairfield World, who is better know for making Fiberfill, Polyfill, foams, and batting. The fabric has some special properties that most fabrics don’t. From Fairfield World: “The everything material” This is one of the easiest, most versatile materials you will ever find. You can sew it, glue it, staple it, pin it or tie it. You can write on it, paint […]

Book Review: Never Been Stitched by Amanda Carestio

apron from never been stitched book

I have been sewing a long, long time. More than half my life. But that doesn’t stop me from keeping my eye out for books for beginning sewers, like this book “Never Been Stitched” by Amanda Carestio, with the contributions of others. I have lots of friends who want advice on learning how to sew. And since I can’t send them to my mom’s house to learn on a hand-crank Singer like I did, I like having some basic books […]

StichNSew EZ Print Quilt Block Sheets

print out the paper piecing pattern

Are you a quilter? Have you ever tried paper piecing? There are two different kinds of paper piecing – and they are very different. English Paper piecing uses paper templates and hand stitching. You might be familiar with the flower designs made from hexagons – a very popular motif in English Paper Piecing. Then there is the other kind of paper piecing – also known as “foundation piecing”. That is the kind of paper piecing I’m talking about today. Paper […]

Review: Fiskars Rotary Cutter and Ruler Combo

Fiskars Rotary Cutter and Ruler Combo Review

When I was asked if I would review the new Fiskars Rotary Cutter & Ruler Combo, I immediately said YES! I’m a quilter, and have been for more than half of my life. I teach quilting at a local quilt shop, and often do demos of new rulers. Quilters, as a group, love gadgets. We haven’t met a new notion we don’t immediately think we need. And companies know this. So they are constantly coming out with new notions for […]

Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium

photo transfer candle

  I’m a mixed media artist, and I often use photo transfers in my work. I was excited to put “Mod Podge Photo Transfer medium” to the test. The first thing I noticed is that this medium is white in the bottle and dries white as well. My preferred products for mixed media photo transfer are initially white but dry clear, and allow me to layer to my heart’s content. I shifted gears when I realized that this product was […]

Glu6: The Glue That Saves The Planet


I’m putting Glu6 “The Glue that Saves the Planet” to the test. While Glu6 doesn’t have enough super powers to actually save the planet, it is an extremely effective non-toxic eco friendly glue. It’s made from recycled Styrofoam, and will be pushing several non-eco friendly glues right out the door of my studio. Zap! Bam! Just a little step closer to saving the planet. Here is a description from the website: “Glu6 is the only recycled glue in stores today, […]