The Buckle Boutique Self-Adhesive Rhinestone Sticker Sheets

Buckle Boutique Bling Sheets

Hey crafters!  I am so excited to show you today’s product up for review by The Buckle Boutique.  These rhinestone sticker sheets are AMAZING and so unique compared to other rhinestone sheets on the market.  Before we get into the nitty-gritty lets see how The Buckle Boutique describes these gorgeous sheets of bling: “Add sparkle and shine to scrapbook pages, cards, favors, personal electronics, anything that needs a little or lots of BLING!  Because the 3mm “stones” are actually a gel or […]

Review: Bead Buddy One-Step Crimper Tool

Review of the Bead Buddy One-Step Crimping Tool

Jewelry-making can go one of two ways- sublime or sophomoric. And the difference between the two is often craftsmanship: the design aside, either it’s well-make or it…well, isn’t. Crimp beads are one of those ways you can tell the difference- a well-made crimp looks professional, and a poorly-make one looks like it’s been chewed by a metal-toothed hamster. But if you use the One-Step Crimper, you’ll get… perfection. I found the Bead Buddy One Step Crimper Tool at a local […]

PRODUCT REVIEW: Swarovski’s Ceralun Epoxy Clay

CERALUN EPOXY CLAY - finished projects Collage

I received a sampling of Swarovski’s Ceralun Epoxy Clay to test out. I don’t make a lot of things with clay, since I normally manage to ruin it during baking. However, this clay is self-hardening! Got to love that! This particular clay was formulated to use with the Swarovski chatons, when making jewelry. The chatons have a cone bottom and faceted top. Though it was made for the chatons, you can use it with various small objects. I tested it […]

Book Review: Simple Beginnings Beading

Simple Beginnings Beading Book

I love making simple jewelry. Over at my site, 30 Minute Crafts, I make a lot of fast and easy jewelry projects. And I love picking up books that take me through basic techniques. I like reviewing the basics, and I also like having books with basic techniques to pass on to my friends who want to learn new crafting skills. So I was excited to review Simple Beginnings: Beading by Suzann Sladick Wilson. Here is what the publisher says […]

Book Review: Bewitching Bead and Wire Jewelry

Bewitching Bead and Wire Jewelry

As an intermediate beader, I’ve made my share of earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. I have a simple style that I stick to… and I am ready to branch out. So I was super excited to be sent Bewitching Bead and Wire Jewelry by Suzanne J.E. Tourtillott to review. Here is what the publisher has to say about the book: These 40 fun projects—rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, cuffs—will inspire wire workers, beaders, and all types of creative crafters. Written by Suzanne […]

REVIEW: Mod Molds – Gems, Trinkets, Flowers, and Nature

4 MOD MOLDS Collage

Mod Podge has released more Mod Molds for their new product line. (You can read our original review here.) These are silicone molds meant to be used with the Mod Melts and mini glue guns, to create objects for crafting. I was sent the two original molds, Flowers and Nature, and two new ones, Gems and Trinkets, to use with the new Mod Melts to review. The review for the Mod Melts is separate from this one. These can be use with the original Sea Glass […]

REVIEW: Mod Melts in Neons, Metallics, and Glitters

MOD MELTS Collage 2

Plaid (Mod Podge), have created new products for their Mod Melts line. I received the Neons, Metallic, and Glitters Mod Melts sticks to play with and review. There is also a Colors one available on the Plaid website. These are similar to the Sea Glass and Milk Glass Mod Melts that were released first. The Plaid site, describes Mod Melts as follows: Use Mod Melts to create custom embellishments for crafting projects that can be decorated with craft paint. Each package contains sixteen 10″ long mini […]

Crystal Katana Setting Tool by Crystal Ninja

CrystalCrystal Katana setting tool by Crystal Ninja

The Crystal Katana setting tool by the Crystal Ninja was another one of those “Hot 20″ products I saw as a judge at the CHA 2014 Conference. I thought, “OK, that’s nice, but it’s a one-trick pony.” Until I needed to place some little rhinestones and I lost a dozen because they keep flipping out of my tweezers. And I dropped a ga-jillion flat-backed pearls wrong side up in my glue. I cracked open the Crystal Katana and now I’m […]

Jacquard Pearl Ex – New Colors

New Jacquard Pearl Ex Pigments

Jacquard Pearl Ex pigment powders are extremely versatile supplies for any artist or crafter. They now come in over 30 colors. I’ll be testing some of the brand new Chromatic Colors: Citrine, Emerald, Magenta, Sapphire Blue, Scarlet and Dark Brown. This collection is a really gorgeous intense set of jewel tones with a deep lovely brown. Here’s a description from Jacquard’s website: “Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments are our most versatile product! Jacquard Pearl Ex is a safe, pearlescent, non-toxic, inert […]

Review: Clover Beading Loom

Clover Beading Loom

Weaving beads on a loom is a beautiful art form. I’ve always been drawn to beading on a loom but have never added it to my list of skills. I was always intimidated by the intricacy of the designs imagining that it must be very difficult to do. Then when people I spoke with started throwing out terms like warp and weft I got confused and passed on opportunities to learn. But when I received the Clover Beading Loom to […]

Little Windows Resin Starter Kit: Review

Little Windows Resin Kit Review

One of my favorite parts of being on the Craft Test Dummies Team is getting to play with different products… which is why I was so excited when I was sent the Little Windows Resin Starter Kit to play with! I took some time to create two batches of the resin, and play with different techniques, and can’t wait to tell you what I learned! Here is what Little Windows says about their products: Little Windows makes it fun & […]

ICED Enamels

ICED Enamels

    I recently did a demo for ICE Resin at the CHA Mega Show and it occurred to me that I had never introduced you all to ICE Resin. If you like the idea of creating your own jewelry components and you love the look of enamel on metal but you don’t want to go out and buy torches and all of the heavy duty equipment then I have a great product for you – ICED Enamels from the […]

Bezel Effects by ImpressArt

Bezel Effects by ImpressArt

  We all know that I am an ImpressArt fan and love their metal stamps, hammers and other jewelry making supplies so I was excited to have an opportunity to review a new product from them called Bezel Effects. Here is what the ImpressArt website says about the Pebeo Fantasy Moon paints: Pebeo Fantasy Moon paints have a opalescent effect when dry. The solovent based paint can be used on any flat and horizontal surface. And here is what the […]

Beadsmith 1-Step Looper

Beadsmith 1-Step Looper

  From the website:   The BeadSmith 1-Step Looper Create your own eye pins with the 1-step looper plier from The BeadSmith. This tool allows you to trim and loop ready-made eye pins. You can even create eye pins in one motion! If you want to create custom length eye pins, you can do that, too! This tool works with precious metal wire, craft wire and copper or brass core wire. It bends and trims wire between 26 and 18 […]

French Knitter – Clover USA

French Knitter - Clover USA

I love getting new tools that are easy to pack up and take with me on a last minute road trip and the French Knitter from Clover USA  is one of those tools. In fact, the samples I created for this post were actually created in the car, on the road.           From the website: Make dazzling jewelry with bead and jewels using different type of materials such as yarns, nylon, embroidery threads and wire. The […]

Piccolo Instant UV Curing Resin from GlobeCraft

Piccolo UV Resin from Globecraft

Resins are very big right now in jewelry-making and mixed media, but most are 2-part epoxies that take hours to dry. What if you could get the same, non-yellowing jewelry grade effect in about 3 minutes? With Piccolo Instant UV Resin, you can. Here’s how it’s described on the website: Piccolo Instant UV Resin cures in sunlight or under a UV nail salon light in 3 minutes.   It is scratch resistant, never yellows and waterproof.   It has low odor and […]

UPDATE on the Artisan X-Plorer by Spellbinders: METAL SHIM

Artisan X-Plorer METAL SHIM

You may recall that earlier I reviewed the Artisan X-Plorer by Spellbinders. While I like the compact size and metal gears, I was somewhat disappointed by it’s ability to cut thicker materials such as denim and plastics. Well, the Spellbinders folks heard my cry (or maybe they were just lightyears ahead of me!) and debuted a METAL SHIM at CHA summer this year. This little baby makes ALL the difference! Really, it’s just a metal plate that creates a firmer […]

Martha Stewart Jewelry Epoxy Clay Review

Martha Stewart Jewelry Epoxy Clay

It’s been almost two years since I’ve reviewed another epoxy clay, and things sure have come around since then! It used to be that it was just plain putty colored and packaged for industrial purposes. Leave it to Plaid Crafts to create the Martha Stewart Jewelry Epoxy Clay and make it accessible to crafters. From the Michael’s website: Durable epoxy clay will air dry to a dense consistency within 24 hours.  Use with our silicone molds to create cabochons and […]

Review of Martha Stewart Jewelry Rhinestones and Settings

Martha Stewart Jewelry Rhinestones and Settings review.

Awhile back I showed you this video with all of the Martha Stewart Jewelry goodies- so many new products in that line. Made by Plaid, sold right now at Michael’s Craft Stores. I’ve been going through category by category getting my reviews done. Today I can cross the Rhinestones and settings off my list! Here’s how they are described on the website: A collection of ultra-brilliant, faceted-back glass rhinestones in a variety o f shapes and sizes. Shapes include round, […]

Martha Stewart Crafts Jewelry Enamel by Plaid

Martha Stewart Crafts Jewelry Line by Plaid

I’ve enjoyed the Martha Stewart Crafts line for a while now- the tools, paints, and papercrafting items are all on my “faves” lists. But now there is something completely new- a line of jewelry crafting items created by Plaid Enterprises and available at Michael’s Stores. The first of our series of reviews will be on the Jewelry Enamel.  From the website: Jewelry enamel mixes like paint and can be added as translucent or opaque shades. When dry, the paint has […]