Crafty Travel: Mexican Handicrafts


I know I just got back from London, but we had a family reunion last week in sunny Mexico! I couldn’t resist mixing a little bit of business with my pleasure, so I visited some handcraft shops to see that Mexican artists are making. While I know that they make a lot to sell to tourists, many of the techniques are traditional. I made you  a video!     And now here are the photos of my treasures….  

British Craft Magazines & GIVEAWAY!

British Craft Magazines

I traveled to London earlier this month, and I love to get craft magazines from the UK. They often come with fun freebies that are more than worth the price of the magazine. Of course, here in the US, they are pretty expensive, so when my hubby travels I have him pick them up for me. While I was visiting the HobbyCraft store, I hit the motherload!   Take a look at this video and you’ll see the magazines I […]

Crafty Travel: Liberty of London & John Lewis Nov. 2015

As I mentioned here, I love to travel- and my favorite thing to do is to visit crafty stores and see what products/craft trends are popular abroad. Today I’m sharing my video of Liberty of London and John Lewis as I saw them in November 2015. What do you think? Similar or different than what you have in YOUR neighborhood? I’d love to hear from you!

Crafty Field Trip- The INK PAD in NYC

The Ink Pad; 7th Avenue, NYC

What’s better than visiting New York City? Visiting a craft store in New York City! Last month while we were visiting, I found out that the Ink Pad was only a few blocks from my husbands’ new apartment. I ditched the family for a few hours and headed over to check it out! So, side story. I walked in and started checking things out. After the initial, “Hi, is there anything you are looking for/Can I help you?” greeting, one […]

Crafty Field Trip- Paper Presentations in NYC

Paper Presentations NYC

You all know that I love love love to travel- and part of the fun is finding a craft store (or two, or three!) while I’m there. Last week I was in New York City (Manhattan) in the Madison Square Park area, right by the historic Flatiron building. We spent much of the week walking around and seeing sights- (I can share some of the architecture photos on another day, if you like.) But of course I had to take […]

Pat Catan’s Craft Haul

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 3.26.37 PM

Well, it’s a busy time here at CTD WHQ- kids are out of school and into camps, (and mischief) we’ve started demolition on our kitchen remodel, my husband is in transition with work, and I’m working on my projects for Hands On Crafts for Kids.  We film the entire season in one week in July, and this season I’ve got increased hosting duties and I’m designing quite a few of the projects I’ll be sharing on-camera. This means that while […]

Craft Haul- LSS Rummage Sale!

Craft Haul- LSS Rummage Sale

This week my Local Stamping Store (LSS- shout out to Stamplistic in Amherst) had a rummage sale at their new location. The idea is that you could bring in your gently used tools and stamps and the store sells them for you. YOU do the pricing, the store does the work, and you get the amount sold in store credit for NEW STUFF. Well, I’m not a snob. I love a good tag sale and it’s new to me, right? […]

Crafting and Cruising!

It seems that I’ve been living a whirlwind life of travel these days… we just got back from Melbourne and then we were off as a family for a Royal Caribbean cruise. Of course, I brought my travel kit and couldn’t resist taking a peek at what the craft activities offered on our ship, the Oasis of the Seas. While onboard, I made you a little video! You can tell I’m really in “cruise” mode because I’m not wearing makeup […]

Packing for a Polymer Clay Retreat!

Front flap zips down and clear pockets snap off.

Last fall my crafty BFF Vicki O’Dell, the Creative Goddess (you should check out her site and I took a little in-state road trip to the International Polymer Clay Associations’ polymer clay retreat! It was a weekend in Dublin, Ohio, at a hotel…but while the venue was small, it packed it a lot of fun and information! But…this post is about PACKING for the retreat. You see, it was the first one I’d even been to, and I just […]

Crafty Field Trip to Melbourne, pt 1: Kikki K!

Kikki K field trip, Melbourne Australia

While I was traveling in Melbourne, I found a Kikki K shop and wandered in. I’d been seeing a lot of planners online and was interested in them… so I treated myself! The shop was lovely, too. I finally cracked it open when I got home. I made a little video of unboxing and initial set up….     Do you use a planner? If so, what kind?  You also may enjoy my post on the art & architecture of […]

Melbourne Trip 2015- Art & Architecture

I love love love to travel…and taking in the public art and architecture is a BIG part of my travel experience. Just taking these new sights in really influences my art and craft design sensibilities. In this 4-minute video, I share with you the highlights of my week in Melbourne, Australia, focusing on old architecture, NEW architecture, public art, and GRAFFITI! Take a peek:   So…my broad takeaways of Melbourne: It’s a very “European” city- lots of foreign speakers, travelers […]

Travel Crafting Kit Round-Up & Trip to Oz

Travel Kit & Round Up on

If you’ve been here a while, you know I LOVE to travel. It doesn’t really even matter where- in my home state, across the country, North America, Europe.. well, I just love to go and see this beautiful earth of ours! Last October I took my first honest-to-goodness trip to Europe (Italy) to visit our AFS daughter and celebrate her 18th birthday. And then in November we went to Hawaii. But now… I’m heading down under to Australia! This will be my first visit […]

Crafty Field Trip to Hawaii, Part 3 of 3: Quilt Shop!

Quilt Passions Kona Hawaii

So since Hawaii is known for their quilts, what trip to the Big Island would be complete without a trip to a local Quilt Shop. (By the way, if you’d like to see my trip to the craft store & scrapbooking store and/or the bead shop, just click those links too.) The aforementioned quilt shop was right next to the bead store (very convenient) and the name- Quilt Passions– very apropos. We were there during the Kona Coffee Festival (hence […]

Crafty Field Trip- Hawaii, Part 2 (BEADS!)

da Bead Shop, Kona, Hawaii

As I mentioned before in Part 1 of the Crafty Field Trip Hawaii series, I often have a junior partner in crafty crime- my nine-year old daughter Bailey. We had scoured the Kona Coffee Festival booths that were loaded with locally-made jewelry, and she really wanted to buy some pieces for her friends. As you can imagine, though, the *good* stuff was out of her price range, and what was left was pretty tacky and touristy. So I promised her […]

Crafty Field Trip: Hawaii (Part 1 of 3)

Craft field trip Hawaii Big Island

As some of you know, I LOVE to travel. Seriously love it. And I often am not picky at all about where I go, as long as I get to see the sights and eat the food….and visit a few craft stores or handmade markets along the way! This month our whole family took a trip to Hawaii’s Big Island (also called Hawaii) and we spent 5 days taking it all in. And one of the sights (for me at […]

International Polymer Clay Association Retreat in Columbus Ohio


Sometimes, you just need a “creative jumpstart” to get your mojo flowing, or a road trip, or a combination of both. My best crafty pal Vicki O’Dell and I decided that we’d do just that and headed down to the International Polymer Clay Association retreat last week, which was held in our home state of Ohio!   I’m not gonna lie- Vicki and I are like peanut butter and jelly and we have fun anywhere we go. But this was […]

Crafty Field Trip: Medina Ohio


Sometimes you need to recharge your creative batteries with a change of scenery. For me, I like to got to museums, take nature walks, go thrifting, or visit some craft stores. Last Friday, my craft BFF Vicki O’Dell and I met up in the lovely Medina, Ohio to check out a bead shop, eat some lunch, and recharge those batteries together! We met up and headed off to the Potomac Bead Shop– an amazingly renovated two-level storefront just off the […]

Behind the Scenes at Scrapbook Soup TV

Behind the Scenes at Scrapbook Soup TV

This week I visited the brand new KS Productions Studios to be on-set for the filming of the next season of Scrapbook Soup. I visited back in 2011 to share some tips on crafting as you age, but this time I had THREE segments! All of them where “how-to’s”, each using a die-cut element. But this visit was a whole different experience! First I’ll show you the projects. You can see that I use die-cuts for each of my projects. […]

Crafty Field Trip: Piktails of Orlando, Florida


Last week I took a vacation with my family to Florida. Funny, I’ve been there 5 times since December but haven’t had a chance to actually enjoy the sunshine! So of course I soaked up some rays, visited some theme parks, and took a field trip to a scrapbook store, Piktails! (Side note: actually, we tried to visit TWO, but Scrappy Boutique closed it’s doors in January. We found out that it turned into an online-only retail venue the hard […]

Beaded VW Bug- the “Vochol” at the National Museum of the American Indian

The Smithsonian American Museum of the Native American

Last month my family and I traveled to the Capitol to see the sights over spring break. One of my favorite new museums is the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian. First off, the building is just amazing. Designed to mimic the red rock bluffs of the American southwest, the undulating curves on the outside are just magical. The interior is reminiscent of a sweat lodge- light and airy, with a round skylight in the roof. And the WHOLE […]