Bye-bye, National Crafting Month & The Week In Review ending March 31 2012


Oh, it’s been such a great month! I’ve taken some crafty field trips, met up with crafter  friends, hosted quite a few crafting giveaways, and shared some craft tutorials. And now National Crafting Month is OVER. But is the craftiness over at CTD?? Of course not! We will use April, though, to spotlight crafting companies with “green” practices, craft tools that will help you upcycle/recycle, and craft products that are healthier for you to use. I can’t wait!

But before I get ahead of myself, let me recap the week that was. We had some great reviews:

I got busy with not one but TWO tutorials this week. The first one is making sweet little floral head pins using shrink plastic:

I also got a little nerdy and a LOT silly when I knitted up this Lorax Hat:

Now, we also had a great giveaway courtesy of Purple Cows…and we have a winner!

Congrats to: BETHANY!

She said: I love the Punch It. Looks great. All of the new products look amazing!

So that’s this week. Make sure you enter the current giveaway, and visit me on the Facebook Page for daily behind-the-scenes extras and photos – follow me on Twitter for my random crafty thoughts, trick, tips, and links to crafty giveaways.

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