Button Crafts, Part Two


The Craft Gods keep sending me button goodness to share….must be some kinds of harmonic convergence in the crafty universe!

I got online today and found this FAB-U-LOUS button coaster craft at CraftStylish for a button coaster. Wow! I LOVE the way it looks, and you could create all kinds of designs if you used different colors of embroidery threads and/or different colors of buttons. Just make sure they are of a uniforms size and you can get really creative with this one.

I also found this bead- and button-bedecked teacup on Kaboodle. Since I’m big into crafting with recycled objects, this would be a great way to rescue a cup with a chipped rim. Since this craft was geared toward kids 8 and up, they suggest using hot glue. (I can’t imagine it would last!) So my recommendation is to make it an adult craft and use 2 part epoxy or a solvent-based glue, like E-6000. (Make sure you follow the directions and use in a well-ventilated area, too.) Super cute, uses recycled objects, and would make a sweet gift!

Lastly, (today) here’s a cool tutorial from Creative Kismet on making your own polymer clay buttons to use in a bracelet. Make your own polymer clay buttons, and get just what you want! Fun!

Lastly, surf on over to AverageJaneCrafter’s site to read her review and get some peeks into Susan Beal’s new book, “Button it Up.” More button inspiration awaits, as well as at Susan’s website, Button it UpBooks.

Make sure you also read my post about Button Crafts.

Whew! That’s a lot of button-y goodness right there, folks!

Happy Crafting!

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  1. says

    Thanks for all the button goodies. Buttons are some of my favorite things!

    Looks like The Craft Gods may keep sending things your way, BTW. A little birdie (okay, it was CraftyPod’s Sister Diane, actually) said March is “Button It Up Month” on CraftStylish. They’ve added some more really neat projects, including Dorset Buttons (which seem like an interesting look to re-create in polymer clay). And they’re doing their own giveaway of the Button It Up book, ending Monday. It should be a fun month for button-lovers like me!


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