Craft Product Review: Brushstroke Mod Podge by Plaid


Next up in our testing of the new Mod Podge formulas is Brushstroke Mod Podge.  The Plaid website indicates that:

Mod Podge ® Brushstroke creates a highly textured finish that resembles hand painting. Apply over posters, prints or to decoupaged canvas projects for an artistic look that’s an affordable alternative to genuine painted wall art. Non-yellowing, dries clear. Certified AP non-toxic; waterbase.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the bottle was that the Brushstroke product was much thicker than regular matte Mod Podge.

The back of the bottle actually said it could be applied with either a brush or a palette knife.  So I picked some up on a putty knife to test that theory.  The product is in fact thick enough to be applied with a knife.

Next up was a little swatch testing on various methods to apply the Brushstroke Mod Podge.  One of my tests used the knife above.  The remainder will use a plain paintbrush.

The picture below is when the Brushstroke Mod Podge was still wet.  From left to right, applied in one direction, criss cross strokes, and applied with a palette knife.

I also did a test where I applied fabric to the still wet product.  The fabric used was a canvas material.

My completely dry test swatches are below.  Upper left corner is a plain piece of paper and upper right corner is regular Mod Podge just for comparison.

Let’s take a closer look at each swatch.  On the left we have one direction and on the right is allowing one direction to dry before applying in a second direction.

The below picture is of the criss cross method on the left and applied with a palette knife on the right.

The following picture is with a piece of fabric pressed onto the Mod Podge when wet.  I was not fond of this method because the fabric stuck slightly and left behind some residue.

I actually made this wrapped map canvas a year or so ago.  I decided that adding the Brushstroke Mod Podge would be a great addition to this project.

I choose the two direction method of application.  I put on an angled coat and allowed that to dry.  Then put on a second coat in a direction that was 90 degrees to the first.  I love the added texture that the brushstrokes give my project.

Next up I took a picture outside, printed it, and used the Brushstroke Mod Podge in one direction.  I actually wanted to put this one under glass.  I really wondered what the product would look like under glass.  I was not pleased with the effect.  The brush strokes do not look as good under glass.  It almost appears like dirt or smudges between the picture and glass.

Last I made some place cards for Thanksgiving.  I will have a tutorial for these up on The Country Chic Cottage today.  I loved how it made the inexpensive project look expensive and all within a few minutes.

In conclusion, the product performed just as well as any other Mod Podge product I have tried.  It does make great brushstrokes on any of the projects I tried it out on.  I did not like pressing fabric into the product when wet or the completed project behind glass.  Otherwise, this is an awesome product that I will be using again.

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  1. Caryn S says

    I think the putty like consistency of this is new, and the idea of applying it with a putty knife is really appealing. But my original Mod Podge looks like this when I apply it with a paintbrush or a foam brush, so that’s really not so different to me. I’d like to see a formula that smooths itself out when I apply it so that I get a glossy finish. I admit I am not familiar with all of the different formulations but to my knowledge there isn’t anything like that yet.

  2. says

    I really love the way that you conducted this product test. It really has shown me exactly what this product can do. I know someone who likes to add a very textured look to some of his paintings to make them appear more realistic looking. I’m thinking he might have some fun playing with this. I think I will too when I mod podge a few jewelry items I have in mind now for this product!!

  3. says

    Thanks so much for providing this info. It was really helpful and think this is just what I’ll use on a poster mounted onto MDF and using the two direction method.


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