Blogaversary Giveaway #4- Cricut Mini from ProvoCraft!


Just when you thought my Blogaversary Giveaways had all been announced, I have one more up my sleeve! This one is from our friends at ProvoCraft– YOU CAN WIN A CRICUT MINI!

Win a Cricut Mini! Contest closes 2/6/13.

Win a Cricut Mini! Contest closes 2/6/13.

You may remember that I reviewed it here and found it remarkably easy to use. Since you don’t need to buy bulky (and costly) cartridges, you can select single images, image collections and yes, even whole digital cartridges without having to store them! Plus the cutting ability for any Cricut machine is fantastic.

So….want to win?? You’ve got some options today! (Hint- click the blue link if your browser does not display it automatically.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So…what would you do with your Cricut Mini?? (That’s the first question you MUST answer to enter. If you leave random gobbledygook about how you’d love to win, you are disqualified. Read carefully, my sweepstakes addicts!)

I made a sweet Valentine’s Day card!

Cricut Mini Overview from

You’ll be able to have SO. MUCH. FUN with this machine! Good luck, all!

Big thank you to our friends at ProvoCraft for supplying this awesome prize!!!

PS… there are still THREE OTHER GIVEAWAYS open- visit this link to see the rest!

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  1. Dee in NH says

    Hmmm, I have never had or actually played with an electronic cutter. I would really, really like to be able to make my own stencils and this sounds perfect for that.

  2. Dana says

    I eould make cards and scrapbook pages Right now I Need a great idea for a Valentines card

  3. Jennyfer l says

    I would be making intricate cuts that I won’t be able to do with my own hands since I’m not very good at it!

  4. Jami says

    I have a graduation scrapbook to finish, I would use the cricut mini to help with these pages!

  5. says

    i would want to cut some of the cute images i have on my computer. i like the size of this machine and would love to get started in the cricut craft room!

  6. mike says

    i would give it to my wife for valentine’s day – she’s been talking about wanting one to make cards & do projects with our kids.

  7. says

    I love it’s portability, being a grandma to a little loves to craft 3 yr old, I could see us having many special moments using cut outs from the Cricut Mini. Added bonuses is the not needing to store the files. I’d be able to pack it and go to where ever for crafting. I love to alter different materials, scrapbook and make cards,so this too would be a nice addition to my craft room.

    Thank you for letting me enter to win.

  8. Bonnie says

    awesome!! who wouldn’t want to win one:) Thanks for the chance!
    I would make cards, and paper clouds to hang over my granddaughters travel crib when I start babysitting… and tags… and oh my, so many things:)

  9. Laurie Hunt says

    I would definitely use the cricut mini if I won it. I am a mixed media artist with projects that could use all kinds of die cuts. It would be really helpful to have a tool like this.

  10. Ali says

    I have always wanted to play around with vinyl projects and this would be great to try out!

  11. sarina coffin says

    This is such an amazing giveaway, WOW!!!! I would love to finish the boy and girl albums I am working on for my two babies. This machine would allow me to expand my imagination and think a little outside the box. I love to try new things and with this machine the possibilities are endless. I also started making cards this year as part of my New Years goal. (I want to scrap a card for every occasion for my 6 kids and hubby). Thanks for this awesome opportunity to win a Cricut!! :)

  12. Ann in PA says

    I would use it to make everything from party decor to scrapbooks, cards to home decor!Thanks for the chance to win!

  13. Sara says

    Wow what a machine! I have been started making cards and tags + boxes. I also make jewellery, both mixed media and silver/copper jewellery. I´m poor drawer and Cricut would be a valuable help e.g. to pick up patterns and motifs from lap top.

    Thank You for the giveaway! :-)

  14. Nancy S says

    I want to make labels, stencils, and die cuts for mixed media cards and canvases. I have been really, really needing an electronic cutter! I want to cut vinyl and fabric too. This will give me another reason to shut myself in my craft room and never come out!

  15. says

    Who wouldn’t want to win a Cricut mini? This really looks like a piece of equipment every crafter can have fun with! I love your pretty card with that lacey heart!

  16. MJ GELTZ says

    I would love to be able to cut out intricate designs. The old fingers are starting to show signs of arthritis. This would be a big help.

  17. Ann M says

    I just looked at the ProvoCraft website to get a better idea of what the Mini will do. Now I have so many ideas I’m not sure what I would do first. It would definitely help me use up my paper stash and actually get some cards made!

  18. Laura G. says

    This would be great! I have the original Cricut, and I do love it, but it gets costly with the cartridges. I would love to be able to just get one or two designs needed for cards and layouts, which I would use the Mini for!

  19. Judy Petros says

    This looks so awesome!!
    I want to make die cuts for my cards! i have been really curious about electronic cutters! The possibilities are endless for what I could cut!

  20. Regi says

    I’ve been looking at these machines, and winning one would be great! Thanks for the opportunity!

  21. says

    The review you did on the machine was fabulous and I was intrigued but haven’t had the $$ to purchase one :(, so this would be awesome! I am working on improving my card creating skills and more mixed media art and it would be wonderful to have one to create die cuts, stencils etc to use!! What a terrific offer thanks for a chance to win!!

  22. Linda Harris says

    I would take with me to hotel while hubby was in hospital for one , give me something to do at night, I would so love to learn CCR , Thanks for the chance,

  23. Paula P. says

    My first project with the mini cricut is to make little treat boxes for St. Patrick’s Day for my 2nd graders. There are some really neat greens and holiday papers available. 2nd graders love novelty, plus they never know what this teacher has in store for them!

  24. Joan Smith says

    I would use it to cut my embellishments and I have a printer cabinet top just perfect to set the MINI on right next to my computer.

    Thanks for the chance.

  25. mari maci says

    I would pack that baby up and take it to my daughter’s home where we can create deco for my granddaughter’s first birthday party! yea!

  26. Toni Leli says

    I’ve watched plenty of videos demonstrating the Mini, and I am totally impressed. I’m a card maker and I’d cut embellishments and card fronts with the Mini. Also, I understand you can cut phrases like “Happy Birthday!” That would be great. Thanks for the chance to win,

  27. Janet Davidson says

    Would love to make my own cards and make decorations for my girlfriends 70th birthday party.

  28. says

    I would use it fr my card making and scrapbooking to cut words, embellishments, and even shapes to make hand made flowers! Not only would I cut papers and card stocks, but I’d use it to cut cloth as well. Your giveaway is awesome and congrats on your continued success!

  29. says

    I would use it to make cards, signs with vinyl, scrapbooking, and numerous other crafts and hobbies I do.I would also invite my crafty friends/family over to try it out! Sharing is caring!

  30. Michelle A. says

    I’m am a craftaholic who’s just getting her own blog up and running, and this fun little guy would help me create some extra fun projects that could go up on the blog (I’m currently in a card-making phase…) :) Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  31. Gina Shillitani says

    I would want to make my own stencils! For sure!!!!!! Also being able to die cut intricate images would be awesome!!!

  32. Gloria says

    I would use the Cricut Mini to make scrapbooks of both of my son’s special moments as they grew up so they would have them to cherish.ur I also would use it to help with invitations and decorations for my son’s wedding this fall. It is the first wedding in our family.

  33. says

    I have a full sized cutter that takes up lot of room. The Cricut mini would be perfect for the smaller projects that I tend to do more. I like to make minicards so this would be perfect

  34. Mary Lee says

    I would love to have the Cricut Mini. I don’t use my big Cricut near as much as I could cuz I don’t have room to leave it out. I have to make note cards for a baby shower with duckie’s on them and I have to clean up my OTHER desk so I don’t have to clean up my craft table to cut them.

  35. calamityjane says

    I’ve used the regular sized Cricut and loved it but I don’t have room for that. This one is my size! I have always made my embellishments by hand cutting them. I have an album I’m making of my son, Jake, who passed about in 2004 of cancer. He was 30 at the time and not a day goes by that I don’t try to do something positive in his memory! It takes time to hand cut items for his ever-growing album. I would use it to help me finish his album!

  36. Lorianna says

    Who wouldn’t want to win a Cricut mini?
    This really looks like a piece of equipment every crafter can have fun with!
    But would love to make Christmas tags for the nursing home tree, instead of hand cutting them!
    Thanks so much for the chance to win this FAB candy!!

  37. Melissa Mericle says

    I go to a friend’s house to scrapbook. I would love a Cricut mini that is portable to take with me and share with my friends.

  38. Michelle Huegel says

    I would use a Cricut mini to add fun accents to my Project Life album! And probably for some fun craft projects with the kids, home decor, kids, etc. :)

  39. Diane says

    I would use it to cut different sizes of things. This is where these shine vs the die cuts.

  40. says

    I would use it to cut out lots of hearts and make a really cute valentines window display! Then I’d make a new display for every holiday! Matching cards, stencils, I can think of a lot of things!!!

  41. Carmen Lucero says

    What a neat giveaway!! I would love this smaller version because I can use the 12×12 mat. I sold my little one to my niece, but I like to make bigger projects. Thanks for the chance!!


    Carmen Lucero
    cal8007 at aol dot com

  42. says

    I’d use the mini to create accents for cards that I donate each month to Operation Write Home. It would be great to have some new designs.

  43. marie sierra says

    if i had a cricut mini..that would be the one i would take to crops and paper crafter get togethers!
    thank you for the chance to win..marie

  44. Kathryn Harpold says

    I would love to use a new Cricut Mini to cut decor items for my home. I have scanned all of my families vintage photos and created digital albums of all of the images for everyone and would now like to use these items to decorate me home. I would use the mini to cut embellishments to enhance my lovely faux heirlooms.

  45. superstitches says

    I’d love to make some embellishments for cards and my other paper crafts. My daughter borrowed a Cricut over Christmas break that we played with. So much fun!

  46. Dianne says

    I would love to have the Cricut Mini. Would use it with my daughter to put our creative minds to work. We make a great team!!

  47. Joan Iurato says

    Thank you for the chance. This would be great for my niece who is really into paper crafting .

  48. emy says

    I’m thinking my first project would be some personalized picture frames for a couple family members

  49. Mayla M says

    I would make personalized cards for special occasions. I would also embellish my handmade journals. Love the giveaway! Thank you!

  50. Denise says

    My daughter is getting married this year so I would love to make all of her wedding invitation cards and all of her table favor containers as well as all the decorations. I know this is perfect for all of those items, and she would have fun doing them too.

  51. golda says

    am being forced to down size and keep the space taken up by crafts to a minimum i would welcome the mini and pass on the older bigger cricut,with regret,but life hands out lemons lets hope for lemonaid i would still be making cards but taking up less room.

  52. Wendy Dente says

    Cards cards cards!!! I would love to make all of my own cards this year….always a goal at the start of a new year…. :)

  53. Meibel says

    I will be able to use the CR finally and there is so much digital fun there, that until now i am only whishing for with a watering mouth bc I don’t own a Cricut mini. I am a stay at home and crafty mom and it definitly will bring my creativity to whole new level. I love caligrafía I could handwritte pretty cards that I could make with the Cricut Mini. Is so nice from you giving us a chance to win. I am sharing this post on fb so my crafty friendscan have a chance to win too. Good Luck to everybody.

  54. debb says

    cards and scrap book pages first, then canvases and home decor, some sewing projects, just about anything I can imagine! It would be smokin’ hot from all the use -LOL!

  55. Heather Winkler says

    What would I do with a cricut mini?!?! I WOULD LOVE IT AND HUG IT AND KISS IT ALL OVER!! NO really, I would. Then I would cut some vinyl to embellish it…then I would kiss it some more and then USE it. =P

  56. says

    I would use the Cricut Mini for making cards for family and friends and I would use it for scrapbooking. I have 3 kids and each gets their own albums. Plus I make scrapbooks for family for big milestones, like 16th birthday, 50th birthday, 50th wedding anniversary. I’m sure the Cricut Mini would be well loved at my house. :) Thanks for the chance to win one. I’ve been dabbling at home decor items too.

  57. TAMMY REDEKER says

    I would use it to help start up a ministry I would like to do….Making cards for not just shut ins, but for people that have not been to church for a while, sick, or just going through something in general to let them know we are thinking about them…To make cards for the Missionaries and also to make cards and sell them and take that money and support a Missionary Family or a family in need in our church!!!

  58. Kelli Smith says

    If I am lucky enough to win this Cricut Mini, first thing I would make is the Ceramic Vinyl Coasters I saw on, than I’d use it to make stencils for a mural I am planning to paint on my bedroom wall. Thank you for the chance to win one.

  59. ValindaK says

    I could really use a Cricut Mini to finish my daughter’s Distinguished Young Woman (formerly Junior Miss) scrapbook. There simply aren’t a lot of stickers and other embellishments that “match” the theme of this scrapbook. Imagine how much more beautiful it would be if I could cut embellishments to match the theme!

  60. Donna Collins says

    I would use it for smaller project and just onsie-twosie cuts rather than my big machine that takes up lots of space.

  61. Stacy says

    I would retire my old cutter and replace it with this much smaller, but I’m sure more powerful cutter!!

  62. debbie jackson says

    apples and owls for my bulletin board debbie jackson
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  63. Sarah H says

    I would use it to cut words & phrases for wall art and embellishments for scrapbooking.

  64. says

    I would totally make a mini valentines day Scrapbook for my daughter and her boyfriend…. I have ideas spinning in my head now so pick me and ill show what an awesome job I can do with it…

  65. Miranda Miller says

    I’ve seen and loved these for a LONG time. would love to win one! Just think of all the possibilities!!

  66. Miranda Miller says

    I’ve seen and loved these for a LONG time. would love to win one! Just think of all the possibilities!! I would love to make a scrapbook for my dad’s 50th coming up, and these would make the perfect embellishments—as “cutesy” or NOT as you want them!

  67. patricia pent says

    It will be wonderful to get the mini, these machines can work wonders. I will use it to work on my scrapbooks, cards, etc.

  68. Aly Willard says

    I would love to make vinyl appliqués! Or anything really!! I don’t have any kind of cutter like this.

  69. Heather Smith says

    What would I do with it? What wouldn’t I do with it?! I’d start, however with embellishments for my grandbaby-to-be’s baby shower invites, move on to some things I’d need for the business i’m working on starting, eventually getting to my bridal shower invites and decorations….the list goes on forever

  70. Jennifer Martin says

    I would love to have this so I can finally do my son’sbaby scrapbook!!! He is4 years old now!!! 😉 LOL

  71. Pat K says

    I would make a mini scrapbook for my new grandson and make some cards to have on hand.

  72. Vidette Benn says

    I would use my mini to cut out words. My regular cricut doesn’t do as good a job as I would like.

  73. Jeniff Sthory says

    I would use it to make mini albums, invitations, cards and many more. Thanks for the chance to win

  74. jengd says

    Replace my sad, bad, and old original Cricut that has serious power-button issues. It just wants to be left alone to die in pieces.

  75. Kim H says

    I would use it to create backrounds for my baby girls scrapbook pages. Then would use it for my holiday cards lol Thanks for the chance to win.
    PaperCraftingAddict Scrapper

  76. kathy T says

    I would make bulletin board decor at the preschool where I work. Does it not take cartridges at all?

  77. Lisa Peeples says

    I would most definitely use this for my scrapbooks and cards that I make. I also would use it for the preschool class I teach.

  78. says

    As I like to send out cards for all occasions, I would use the cricut mini to make some nice handmade cards. I love the die-cuts that it would make for accents. I am sure that I would also use it for some kids crafts, as well as making all my birthday decor (instead of buying most of it). Thanks for the opportunity!

  79. Filipa Louro says

    I love the Cricut projects that we could do with this wonderful machine. I would use it for all school projects of my toddler.

  80. JenniferM says

    If I won the Cricut Mini I would use it to make signs at work and decorate the shop windows.

  81. Caitlin says

    I would use it for my son’s scrapbook! I am two years behind! But I’m a crafter so I would make holiday cards and decor for the house as well! :)

  82. Claudia says

    Would love to get my hands on the mini! Thanks to you and Provo Craft for the chance.

  83. Liz Thomas says

    Oh a Cricut Mini – how awesome!!! I’d use it for my card making – like letters and borders and would also make fun little treat boxes for holidays and parties!!!!

  84. Peggy says

    I would use it for when I travel or go visiting and with my crafty friends
    about an hour ago · Like · 1

  85. Gina Morgan says

    I would use it to make a great Elmo party for my daughter’s 2nd birthday. I would then use it to makes cards and other things to help decortate her daycare classroom.

  86. says

    I have never played with any of these sorts of tools so I’m sure I’d find lots of different things to do with it, but probably mostly card making and embellished journals!

  87. Gail D. says

    What a great new item it would be to add to my craft room. I wouldn’t be able to get it unpacked fast enough to begin to make new ideas come alive. What a neat machine!!

  88. Kathy Molina says

    It would be great to take this Cricut mini to crops to assist me with my scrapbook pages!!

  89. Robin Martinez says

    Would use it to cut letters and intricate embellishments for cards and minis!

  90. Rebecca Bodine says

    I have just used my regular old Cricut a few times – just getting used to it; but this looks so much simpler.I make cards and am alwayse looking for die cuts. I’d much rather make them than spending time looking all over I’d also use the letters because you can chang the sizes, in my collages.

  91. julie m says

    The first thing I would do is learn how to use the Cricut. Then I would get busy designing my own embellishments and stencils. I would definitely use it to personalize greeting cards. I am lucky to have a family that appreciates home made cards. Thank you for the chance to win.

  92. miriam says

    oh the possibilities! i would make lots of basic shapes, just to have on hand and to make so many designs possibles. i would also try to print things in hebrew or create judaica picturs, that would make crafting so much easier and more fun!

  93. Bunny says

    My niece has just recently gotten into the arts and craftsy way of life. I knit, she adores paper crafts. I would absolutely love to give this to her for her birthday. She’s 13, so anything she can do that’s wholesome fun is REALLY FANTASTIC in my book.

    Plus I get to steal it and make all kinds of silly shapes when she’s not looking. MWA HA HA HA HA HA HA.

  94. Mehrll says

    My daughter has a Silhouette and I would love to have a cutting machine to make images for my cards. I send cards to many friends and those who need encouragement. Thanks for offering.

  95. Lori says

    I would use it to dress up my cards and scrapbook pages, and make some stencils with it.

  96. Irasema says

    I would take it to my school library for use there. I’m always hauling my E2 and it can get exhausting :)

  97. devi says

    would use this to make things for my classroom and for special events for my kids as well as the non-profit I volunteer for

  98. Bethany Becker says

    I would use it to make embellishments for my scrapbook pages. Thanks for the chance to win!

  99. Cindy K. says

    I would share this with my daughter. One daughter got a cricut for Christmas, but I have another daughter who would love to have a cricut. She could make fun things with her children and build all of their creativity.

  100. Julie. A. Shearer says

    I would use this to make lots of cards . Great giveaway !! Thanks for a chance .

  101. Laura Thomas says

    I would make the cutest cards & wrapped gift embellishments to make my friend swoon & my enemies green with envy. LOL! Having this would kick everything up a notch! Booyah!!!!

  102. says

    I can think of lots of embellishing on random craft projects that this would be awesome for, but I like to think I’d start dabbling in card making. I HATE buying cards!

  103. Patricia Schulz says

    At 32 I have the hand tremors of a old woman. If I won the mini I would use it to make all the fab cards I see but can never do because the cuts are too hard without a steady hand.

  104. says

    This would be an awesome prize to help me make more cards for Operation Write Home. I’d love to cut some intricate lace type things and alphas. :)

  105. says

    I would make cards, and journal boxes, and I’d take it to crops since it’s much smaller than the regular one. Love it!

  106. JULI C says

    I would use the cricut mini to help out my kids teachers with cutting for their classroom projects.

  107. Shadeana Wagers says

    I would use the mini for making embellishments on my vacation album that I have been working on for awhile.

  108. Vicki Poole says

    I would do a lot of things with a Cricut Mini! I could make awesome diecuts for my cards. Since it works through the computer I find it really great that I could create my own images. That would open new doors of creative outlets for me. Pretty darn exciting.

  109. Holly E says

    My friend lets me use her Cricut, the things you can do with this machine is endless! I would love to have one of my own!

  110. Jane says

    Well, the first thing I’d do was read the manual…. My dad thought me well…. then I’d have a whole day set aside, so I could figure all the cool things I could do with it… Then I’d just cancel the rest of the week and have fun with it! Sounds like a plan!

  111. Nancy D says

    I have never had any kind of cutting machine before. I just can’t justify the cost right now. But I would love to have one. I’ve been getting more and more into paper crafting, especially with vintage supplies. I love making cards, decorating journals, banners and anything else my trusty scissors can handle!

  112. Meghan T. says

    Well I am into art journaling and have never used any type of cutting machine! I could think of many uses for me!!!
    I am so into stencils and would love to create my own!!!
    Crossing fingers and toes!

  113. Pam S says

    I would use the Cricut Mini to take to crops because of its size! I would use it to create layouts and get lots of pictures scrapped!!

  114. Kelli says

    I have always wanted to try making fancy gift tags. My gifts are always so plain and boring, definitely not the talk of the town. For someone who everyone considers pretty crafty, this is embarrassing!! Haha

  115. Robin Hanning says

    With my Cricut Mini I would cut out some vinyl. I would also learn more about this type of die cutting machine. I know there is so much you can do with them and I would love to try.

  116. says

    I would use it to make embellishments for the mini albums that I make for our kids grandparents and great grandparents. Thank you for the opportunity and the chance to win this!!!

  117. Diane M says

    Not sure if the machine is capable, but I would love to make some vinyl lettering home decor. I would use it mainly for card making elements, embellishments, etc.

  118. Linda McFadden says

    Endless possibilities with this wonderful prize – cards, decorations, scrapbook pages.
    Thanks for the great giveaway

  119. Chrys Collazo says

    OoH I would get my 3+ year old Imagine a kick to the curb since it is no longer working :-( and get back to making cards and scrapbook layouts! With a new baby on the way winning one would be awesome!!

  120. Debbie Fagnant says

    I would use this for many of the ideas I have in my head. So manyideas so little time! Thanks for this great giveaway

  121. Carol Douglass says

    Baby shower invites and decorations is at the top of my list. My daughter in law is expecting their first, that makes grand baby # 5 for me!

  122. Kristy Alfieri says

    This would be just the right size to pack for a crop to make those special details that make the pictures pop off the page!

  123. Anne V says

    I would first use it to cut out letters/names and icons to decorate my students “cubbies” at school. I would then also use it with them for many projects/learning aids with them.

  124. Rodney Boney says

    After finding your site have had great time with your reviews. They give good advise. Its more of what you can’t use them for than what you can. Presently thinking of making paper beads.

  125. Mara Weber says

    I would love to be able to give this to my daughters daycare center. They try to do so many different crafts and this would open many options for them… They have an infant, pre-toddler room, toddler room, and pre-k. I would love to be able to help them extend their creativity and allow them to be able to have neat crafting ideas for the children!!!!

  126. Wendy Lynch says

    I would give it to my sister to use. I already have an electronic cutter, and love it – she would be over the moon! Thanks for the giveaway!

  127. says

    this mini cricut has to be easier than my expressions 2 that I can’t figure out and have had for 2 years yes when it comes to instruction books I am a dummie I have a lot of great cardridges to use with it and I did love my expressions one but I wanted to up grade and what a mistake so now make a manual for dummies for the expression 2 I need a simple die cut machine thanks for the give away

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