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Apparently I really have a thing for glitter. Seeing as how my first post on Craft Test Dummies was the Cosmo Cricket Glitter Sheets and I’m back today with a review of Beacon’s Glitter-It!, I think its safe to say that I’m beginning to be a pro at all things sparkle. The Glitter-It! product aims to make the process of glittering the inside of glass a piece of cake.

Beacon Glitter It 1

This is what the Beacon site had to say about Glitter-It!:

  • Makes one-of-a-kind ornaments for holidays and other festive occasions.

  • Easily adds glitter inside any clear glass or plastic ornament no matter what the shape.

  • Dries fast and clear without dulling the glitter.

  • Safe fun for children of all ages. Non-toxic, easy clean up with soap and water while wet.

Beacon Glitter It 2

I kicked my test off with a plastic Christmas ornament. I got a little overzealous and squeezed the Glitter-It! into the ornament probably way faster than I was supposed to. It created these bubbles within the ornament. Also, for those who are wondering, the product is very watery so there really is no way to utilize it on the outside of a glass item.

Beacon Glitter It 4

After following the direction listed on the package on how to drain the adhesive, I added in the glitter. For as little of the Glitter-It! that I had to use coat the ornament, I had to use a whole lot of glitter to cover the whole thing. Be prepared with more glitter than you think you’ll need ahead of time. It would be a bummer to run out midway through your project.

Beacon Glitter It 6

After a generous helping of glitter, the ornament was coated. From start to finish, the entire process took less than five minutes. That’s my kind of project y’all!

Beacon Glitter It 5

Remember those bubbles I pointed out earlier? They stick around. Boo. Really take your time to slowly pour the liquid in to avoid those pesky air pockets.

Beacon Glitter It 10

When the ornament was finished, I moved onto a larger glass mason jar to test. The packaging recommends using fine glitter, but I wanted to see what the results of a chunkier glitter would be. The heavier glitter ended up coating  just as nicely as the fine glitter did. Test passed.

Beacon Glitter It 8

Now, remember that the Beacon website specifically states that this adhesive would not dull the glitter. I saw the patch above and was a smidge concerned. As you can see below, as soon as I was able to get the glitter in the light, all was well in the glitter universe.

Beacon Glitter It 9

Do you see all of that glittery awesomeness inside the jar? As promised, it did dry quickly. I’ve checked it a few times since the initial test and glitter does still flake out when turned over and when I rub my finger over the glitter, more of it will transfer to my fingers. While the Glitter-It! does coat the glass interior, it isn’t made to be the most durable of finishes. Ornaments and fake candles: Yes. Awesome pencil cup or flower vase: not so much.

Beacon Glitter It 7

Overall, the Beacon Glitter-It! glue will definitely be a product that I’ll be using again in the near future, but predominantly on smaller projects where the glitter won’t be disturbed.

Beacon Glitter It

Here’s the final product of my Easy & Fast DIY Glitter Ornament; you can find the full tutorial over on my blog!

Disclosure: I was provided product to review, but all opinions and ideas are my own.


  1. says

    Ohhhh this is very pretty. I personally am not a glitter fan at all, the stuff drives me bonkers. It ends up in my hair, my face… my sock! Everywhere, no matter how careful I think I’m being. But, I do like the idea of being able to make Christmas baubles with the glitter on the inside…..glitter inside the bauble and not inside my soaks….hopefully. Lol. Lee x

  2. jenbarnett says

    I like this product. I have a separate question though; where/when do you publish your giveaway winners? I’ve tried the drop-down menu link, but it won’t open.

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