British Craft Magazines & GIVEAWAY!

British Craft Magazines

I traveled to London earlier this month, and I love to get craft magazines from the UK. They often come with fun freebies that are more than worth the price of the magazine. Of course, here in the US, they are pretty expensive, so when my hubby travels I have him pick them up for me. While I was visiting the HobbyCraft store, I hit the motherload!   Take a look at this video and you’ll see the magazines I […]

Last-Minute Thanksgiving Crafts!

Pilgrim Hat Place Card Holders for Thanksgiving

I know that we are all in the Thanksgiving Crush- so I’ve rounded up some Thanksgiving Crafts you can do a few hours. Or better yet, get the whole family involved! I’ve included some videos for you to get you going, as well! 1. Pilgrim Hat Table Settings using Recycled K-Cups!  Recycle AND hide a little tasty treat. This video shows you how: 2. Decoupaged Candle Centerpiece! Use some pretty paper napkins and craft this up in a jiffy! 3. Place […]

Crafty Travel: Liberty of London & John Lewis Nov. 2015

As I mentioned here, I love to travel- and my favorite thing to do is to visit crafty stores and see what products/craft trends are popular abroad. Today I’m sharing my video of Liberty of London and John Lewis as I saw them in November 2015. What do you think? Similar or different than what you have in YOUR neighborhood? I’d love to hear from you!

Family Handprint Art

chalkboard family handprint art

This summer I taped another series of Hands On Crafts for Kids and it’s finally airing! I designed this project to be quick, simple, and a great gift or home decor idea. Since it’s almost Thanksgiving, I thought I’d share it with the idea that you could also write what each family member is thankful for inside the handprints! Or you can get a head-start for your holiday gift-giving, as this is a BIG hit with grandparents! Here’s the list […]

Mixed Media Box for OxFam (#phAdvent2015)

#phAdvent2015 Mixed-media box for Oxfam charity auction!

A few months ago I was contacted by the company Parcel Hero (a shipping company in the UK) and asked if I’d like to participate in their “Advent Calendar” program. They reached out to crafters to alter a small wooden box, which would then be auctioned off to benefit OxFam. Crafting for charity? I’m in. My mission: to alter/decorate a plain wooden box and include a small handmade gift. MISSION ACCEPTED.   Here’s how they describe it on the Parcel Hero blog:  […]

Ad Tech Precision Pro Glue Gun


This isn’t a review as much as it is a love-letter. Every crafter needs a reliable glue gun- but really, how are any of them REALLY different? They all make the glue sticks hot. They glue stuff together. They all give you glue gun burns! (I kid! But no, really, they all give you burns.)   So really, the difference is in the design. The reason I love it is because stands up on the table, ready and waiting. You can just […]

Heading to London town


I’m on the road again! Those of you who know me know that I love traveling (here’s a link to my crafty/travel posts), and searching out fun crafty adventures is always part of the plan. Next week (Nov 9-11 2015) I’ll be in London with hubby and paying a visit to my Italian Daughter. She stayed with us from September 2013 to June 2014 through AFS- a program I support and continue to participate in. (Right now we have a daughter […]

Thanksgiving Pilgrim Hat Place Card Holders using Recycled K-Cups

Pilgrim Hat Place Card Holders for Thanksgiving

I love to make special place settings for holidays- and it helps me gently communicate to my guests where I’d like everyone to sit. And with these Pilgrim Hat Place Card Holders for Thanksgiving, I can recycle AND share a little after-dinner candy, too! How fun is that? I was inspired by the Frosty Hat Ornaments I made last year. But for this version, I wanted to make it really kid-friendly & extra “recycle-y.” (Is that a word? It is […]

Hands On Crafts For Kids: Spray Dyed T-Shirts

Spoon Resist Tee Shirt

Here’s a fun craft I shared on Hands On Crafts for Kids– using plastic utensils to make a resist for spray-dyed shirts. It’s a lot less mess (and more immediately gratifying) than tie-dying. It’s a great group craft for scouts, school groups, even family reunions! And you can change the colors to match your school, season, or holiday. Enjoy! PS- don’t forget to visit my Kids Crafts YouTube playlist for more great segments from the show, and you can watch a […]

How-To: Glow-In-The-Dark Polymer Clay Sugar Skulls (Calaveras)

Glow In the Dark Polymer Clay Sugar Skulls (Calaveras) for Day of the Dead

I’m a big fan of Halloween- always have been. And when I learned about Mexico’s Day of the Dead (Dia De Los Muertos), I was even more smitten. To celebrate both, I created these glow-in-the-dark Calaveras of polymer clay, my version of the traditional sugar skulls.     I’ve made a few photo collages to help you learn how I did it. You don’t need much- some Glow-In-The-Dark polymer clay, scraps of colored clay, and a frame of your choosing. […]

Thrifty Tissue Pom Decorations

Thrifty Tissue Party Poms

Last weekend our Music Boosters held a fundraiser- and guess who got to make some decorations. (Like, obvious, right?) But here’s the catch- we are on a STRICT budget. I love the Martha Stewart Tissue Poms- but they run about $20 for 20. But why spend that extra cash when you can make your own with tissue paper and SPRAYPAINT? (And get the exact color you need!) I’ll show you how I did it today. Disclosure: Krylon supplied me with […]

Nature Journal for Kids (Hands On Crafts)

Nature Journal from paper bags & air dry clay. Perfect for pre-schoolers or scouts! Video tutorial from Hands On Crafts for Kids.

Hey crafty friends! I was excited to learn that this week the new series of Hands On Crafts has started airing in local PBS markets and also online! Before we hop into the new series, I forgot to share this one from last season- a Nature Journal made from paper bags, air-dry clay, and binder rings. It’s perfect for crafting up little books to gather trinkets and treasures on nature walks. Perfect for Girl/Boys Scouts, too! Here’s the supply list (affiliate […]

Color Powder Hack- Watercolor with Kool-AID

Kool-Aid for Watercoloring; colored dye powder hack. You have to see it to believe it! (Video Tutorial.)

Right now colored powder dyes are all the rage- the sheer number of them I’ve reviewed in the past month is pretty astounding. But what if you don’t have the big bucks for those powdered dyes? If you have a dollar, you can have a full set of ten…. if you use Kool-Aid or other powdered drink mixes. I made you a video, but here’s the skinny: use an UNSWEETENED drink mix- it won’t get sticky. Snip the corner and […]

Craft Product Review: Primary Elements Artist Pigments by ColourArte

Primary Elements Artist Pigments by Luminarte

NOTE: Originally published on April 20, 2012, I  updated this post with new swatch photos and also a video demo. Enjoy!  Disclosure: sample provided for review. Some links below are affiliate links   With all of glazes, shimmer sprays, paints and inks out there, don’t you ever just want to have everything match? Guess what- when you own Primary Elements Artist Pigments by ColourArte, you can. (Please note- these used to be by Luminarte, but it seems that the company has […]

Fall Decorating with Krylon

Fall Lantern Makeover with Krylon

AT LAST!! Fall is here, that cool breeze is in the air, and there are straw bales and pumpkins and fresh apples!!! I LOVE fall. And I really love decorating for autumn, outside and inside. Disclosure: this post is sponsored by Krylon but all images and opinions are my own. This year, I have a “new” entryway off of the kitchen post-kitchen remodel. A great excuse to decorate it, right? I had this old lantern that I picked up at […]

Powdered Dyes verses Pigment Powders

What is the difference between Brusho and Pearl Ex? I answer this question today!

Lately there has been a LOT of buzz around powdered watercolors/dyes lately- products like ColorBurst, Brusho, and Magical have all been on the “hot” list this summer. But recently a reader asked, “What is the difference between Pearl Ex/ Perfect Pearls and Brusho (or another of the above.) While they are both powdered color, they are not the same. Some are powdered DYES, while others are PIGMENT powders. The main difference is that one is a DYE and the other […]

Xyron Creative Station GIVEAWAY

xyron creatiove station giveaway

Happy World Cardmaking Day! I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than a GIVEAWAY from Xyron! The Creative Station is a perfect solution for card-makers because it gives you edge-to-edge coverage on wavy, textured or patterned paper, and it also gives you the best adhesion on embellishments under 1/8 inch thick! Make sure you watch this video to see it in action! And now you can enter to win one of your own! This giveaway is sponsored by […]

New Redesigned Xyron Creative Station


Many of you know that I love to make cards, so a dry adhesive is a must. I’ve owned a Xyron-well, actually, MANY of them- for years. I still have a 5 inch model and the 9-inch Creative Station hanging out in the studio. Now the folks at Xyron have redesigned it, though, so it will accept both kinds of cartridges! Disclosure: Samples provided for review purposes; however my opinions are honest and my own and based on my first-hand […]

Lindy’s Stamp Gang Magical Jars (Watercolor Paints)

lindy's Stamp Gang magical watercolor powders

    Since I’ve been on a kick with watercolors lately, I thought it would be a good idea to give ALL of the brands I could find a fair shake. So today I’m reviewing Lindy’s Stamp Gang Magical Jar Sets. Disclosure: I purchased these with my own funds. My opinions are based on my first-hand experience with the product. Some links below may be affiliate links and CTD will receive a small commission from your purchases.  From the website: […]

Fabric Storage with Polar Notions

Organizing with Polar Notions

If you’ve been following along on Instagram or Periscope, you know that I’m working to reorganize the studio once again. (Does it ever end?) I’m getting my fabric stash wrangled with Polar Notions Fabric Organizers. These are simply pieces of stiff plastic with a little notch. You fold your fabric from selvedge to selvedge, and fold again. You can fit a whole bolt on the large size, and up to a yard on the smaller ones. Here’s a little video […]