Craft Tool Review: AccuQuilt GO! Baby Fabric Cutter


Guys, something wonderful happened to me last week in the craft studio: I fell absolutely head over heels in love with my new AccuQuilt GO! Baby fabric cutter. Now, I wouldn’t generally get so worked up about a die cutter, but the GO! Baby made cutting fabric so easy that I never, ever want to go back to scissors and rotary cutters again. First, some background: The generous folks at AccuQuilt kindly sent me a GO! Baby machine in advance […]

Craft Tool Review: Clover Weaving Sticks


In the mood for a quick stash-busting yarn craft? The new Weaving Sticks from Clover USA definitely fit the bill! Super-easy and way faster than knitting or crochet, these portable weaving sticks are a fun alternative to more complex yarn crafts, and are a great option for whipping up accessories and simple projects. Clover USA Weaving Sticks are available in both a fine size and a thick size, and each set includes 6 weaving sticks. According to the package: Fun […]

CHA Summer 2013: Tools for Custom Fiber and Fabric Projects


One of the things I love most about DIY is the opportunity for each maker to customize new projects in a way that incorporates her/his own personal style. And, since I’m a fabric and fiber crafter who’s pretty particular about shapes, color, and design, I always keep a special eye out for fun fabric and fiber customization tools and products while I’m walking the show floor. So, in my final CHA Summer 2013 post, I’ll give you a quick look […]

CHA Summer 2013 Booth Love – Haley’s Favorite: Bottle Cutting Inc.


When picking out favorite booths on the show floor, I’m often drawn to over-the-top displays, vintage throwbacks, or eye-catching colors, but not this year. At CHA Summer 2013, I only had eyes for Bottle Cutting Inc. Nestled among the new exhibitors, Bottle Cutting Inc. wasn’t the flashiest or biggest booth at the show, but the intriguing products that I saw there kept me coming back again and again. An easy-to-use bottle cutter that makes perfect scores look effortless? Bottle top […]

CHA Summer 2013 Fabric and Fiber Trends: Back to the Basics


At CHA Summer 2013, one thing is clear in the world of fabric and fiber: time-honored and traditional methods of making are making a big comeback. It seems like everywhere I look, it’s back to the basics…but with a twist! First off, I am absolutely in love with the colorful Janome SewMini sewing machines that I spotted in the Artistic booth. (Pictured above.) I can’t find them on the website yet, but fingers crossed that they’ll be there soon! I’m […]

Craft Book Review: Crochet One-Skein Wonders


One of my favorite things about crochet is how quickly a project can take shape—especially if you’re using taller stitches. Because crochet projects can be much closer to instant-gratification than knitting, you’ll often find me with a hook in my hand instead of needles. The only problem is, since crochet projects generally require more yarn than their knitted counterparts, I often buy more than I need, and end up with an extra skein. Until now, that beautiful leftover yarn has […]

Craft Tool Review: Clover USA Pin ‘n Stow


Since winter CHA, I’ve been working my way through the list of new products from Clover USA, and I’ve finally arrived at the simple, handy Pin ‘n Stow. The Pin ‘n Stow is exactly what it looks like: an adjustable magnetic bracelet that’s made to hold pins while you’re sewing, quilting, or doing appliqué work. I always like a straightforward product that does exactly what it’s supposed to do, and does it well, so I was really looking forward to […]

Craft Tool Review: Nancy’s Hobo Tote Collection Trace ‘n Create Bag Templates from Clover USA


At CHA this winter, Clover USA had a ton of exciting new products, but Nancy’s Hobo Tote Collection Trace ‘n Create Bag Template was definitely one of my favorites. For me, working on this review couldn’t have come at a better time. My current handbags were all starting to look pretty rough, and I really wasn’t looking forward to the nightmare that is purse shopping. So, making my own custom bag with the fabric of my choice was the perfect […]

Craft Product Review: Boye Artisan Tools CrochetMaster Plus Crochet Hook Set


I’m pretty handy with a crochet hook, and Tunisian crochet (also known as afghan crochet) has been at the top of my must-try list for months. So, when I spotted the Boye Artisan Tools CrochetMaster Plus Crochet Hook Set in the Simplicity booth at both CHA and VOGUEknitting LIVE, it was love at first (and second) sight. The hooks are absolutely gorgeous—the warmth of the wooden hooks look fantastic next to the shine of the metal handles—and I jumped at […]

CHA Winter 2013: Getting Groovy in the iLoveToCreate Booth


The iLoveToCreate booth is always one of my favorites at CHA, and the CHA Winter 2013 was definitely no exception. The booth was bursting with so much color and joy that I couldn’t resist taking a little break from walking the show floor to snap some photos to share with you guys. Get ready to feast your eyes on some serious crafty inspiration!

CHA Winter 2013: Haley’s Clover USA Sewing and Notions Picks


On Sunday morning, I attended the Clover USA media breakfast at CHA Winter 2013. Much to my excitement, I saw a ton of great sewing-related products that made my fabric-loving heart very happy indeed! Here are a few items that caught my eye: Remember the slap bracelets from the 90s? Well, the Pin ‘n Stow gives that satisfying snap AND it keeps your pins in perfect position while you’re working. I’m kind of in love with the new line of […]

Craft Product Review: Christmas Woolens Ornament Kit from Rachel’s of Greenfield


‘Tis the season to be crafting, so in the spirit of celebrating the holidays with handmade goodness, I tried out Christmas Woolens, a lovely traditional felt ornament kit from Rachel’s of Greenfield! I came across this kit while browsing booths at CHA last winter, and the muted colors and thoughtful details stopped me in my tracks. Just looking at those cozy mittens and snug stockings brought back fond childhood memories of drinking hot chocolate and decorating the tree with my […]

Craft Product Review: Self-Finishing Needlepoint Coaster Kit from Jenny Henry Designs


For this review, I tried out a fun and surprisingly modern Self-Finishing Needlepoint Coaster Kit in the knotwork pattern from Jenny Henry Designs. Consider yourself warned: this is definitely NOT the kind of plastic canvas project that your grandma gave you as a kid! According to the Jenny Henry Designs Etsy Shop: This kit contains everything you need to create a set of four needlepoint coasters. 10 designs to choose from. Kit contents: 5 – 4″ x 4″ plastic needlepoint […]

Craft Product Review: Neenah EPC™ Film Cuttable Heat Transfer Film


Today, I’m reviewing Neenah EPC™ Film – Environmentally Preferable Cuttable Film. Neenah EPC™ Film is marketed as a greener alternative to more traditional vinyl heat transfer sheets, and it can be used as a substitute for vinyl heat transfer film in just about any project. It’s available in both multi and single color packs, and comes in green, black, white, blue and red. According to the Neenah website and downloadable brochure: Neenah EPC™ Film – Environmentally Preferable Cuttable Film Neenah […]

Craft Product Review: Kwik Sew Organizer Patterns


I definitely know a thing or two about keeping a craft room neat and tidy, so these Kwik Sew organizer patterns are right up my alley. And, since September is National Sewing Month, it’s the perfect time for a sewing pattern review! The fine folks at Kwik Sew gave me several organizer patterns to try out when I stopped by their booth at Winter CHA. For this review, I selected the Pouch with Pincushion & Cup Organizer pattern set because […]

Craft Product Review: Martha Stewart Crafts Pierce and Stitch Starter Kit


Sewing has always been my craft of choice, and I incorporate stitching into everything from clothing and home décor to paper projects. So, when I got the opportunity to review the Martha Stewart Crafts Pierce and Stitch Starter Kit from EK Success Brands, I couldn’t wait to try out the specialized tools—especially the piercing mat and templates! When I opened the package, I found that the kit contained everything I needed to do the actual piercing and stitching, so I […]

CHA Summer 2012: Fabric and Yarn Craft Highlights


As many of you know, I specialize in fabric and yarn crafts here at Craft Test Dummies. So, while I was walking the show floor at CHA Summer 2012 last week, I kept a special eye out for new and exciting products for the pins, needles, and hooks crowd. Here’s what I saw: Knitting, Crochet, and Yarn Crafts: Lion Brand Yarn Bonbons, packs of 8 mini skeins of yarn for amigurumi, colorwork, and smaller projects. New Vanna’s Choice color combinations […]

CHA Summer 2012: HandBEHG Felts Booth Love


At any trade show, hundreds of booths compete for attention, but only a few really have what it takes to draw you in. At CHA Summer 2012, the booth that most caught my eye was definitely HandBEHG Felts! Even in the harsh show floor lighting, the rich, vibrant colors stopped me in my tracks, and the gorgeous display projects were so inspiring that I wanted to drop everything and start crafting right then and there. Ready to take the tour? […]

CHA Summer 2012: The iLoveToCreate Creativity Lounge


Yesterday, I got to spend a little time hanging out as a guest host in the iLoveToCreate Creativity Lounge on the CHA Summer 2012 show floor, chatting with fellow crafters and making fun flower brooch accessories. The vibe in the lounge was fun and easygoing, giving weary CHA attendees a chance to grab a sip of water, charge their phones, and take a mini break right on the show floor. Vicki O’Dell, The Creative Goddess (and fellow Team CTD member), […]

Craft Product Review: Sullivans Embroidery Floss


Today, I’m reviewing a selection of Sullivans embroidery flosses, including standard embroidery floss, pearl cotton, and metallic floss. While Sullivans might not be as well known as some other embroidery floss brands on the market, I was immediately drawn to the rich color, consistent texture, and lustrous appearance of the skeins—especially the pearl cotton. I decided that the best way to get a feel for the overall collection was to put all of the floss types to the test in […]