Angie’s Top 5 Booths at CHA Winter 2013


Because this is my first CHA show I have felt like a kid in a candy store all day.  I picked my top 5 booths on the wow factor.  The booth displays that made my mouth fall open in amazement.  There were so many amazing displays but these are the 5 that really stand out in my mind.  The first is from Bottle Cap Inc.  That entire wall you see is bottle caps.  I oohed and aahed…literally.

photo 3 (4)

The next booth that stood out to me was from Canvas Corp.  It was display and display of things that are “my style”.  Believe it or not farmhouse style can be hard to find in a craft show like this.  So I was mesmerized by the shabbiness…and yes pallets!  Made me feel like I was at home.

photo 4 (4)


How can I not put a booth with a tie dye van in my top 5 picks?  I drive a VW Beetle…maybe that makes me biased.  I did ask just so I could report for you all.  The van actually runs and was driven to the show.  Completely amazing job from I Love To Create.

photo 5 (3)

Plaid Crafts has a huge area right up in the front of the convention center.  So of course there were amazing displays.  But this beaded curtain really was amazing work.  It was enough to push the Plaid display into a wow moment for me.    

photo 1 (4)

Last but certainly not least is Die Cuts With A View.  An absolutely amazing booth.  But I mean really you can’t ignore the elephant in the room right?  Especially when he is purple and taller than you…

photo 2 (4)
But the funniest thing about that?  There is another huge elephant in the room!  Yep as a bonus you get my 6th WOW moment at CHA with the Craft Attitude booth.

13 - 1

So many booths, so little time.  But these companies definitely gave it some extra work and managed to make me stop right in my tracks.  Those extra large elephants are good at that.

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