Americana Glass Chalkboard Paint from DecoArt


I was sent the brand new glass chalkboard paint from DecoArt to try out.  I was excited to jump into it after the failure I had on glass when testing the Americana Clear Chalkboard Coating.   I started with the information on the DecoArt website about this Americana Glass Chalkboard Paint:

Glass Chalkboard Paint makes it easy to transform most glass and glazed ceramic surfaces into cleverly customized chalkboard decor. It’s perfect for labeling glass storage containers, wine glasses, mugs, and glasses. You can also transform glass photo frames or mirrors into chalkboards.

DecoArt Glass Chalkboard Paint review


I then read the directions on the bottle which include shaking well, cleaning the surface with alcohol, then dabbing the paint on to the surface with a sponge.  I grabbed my alcohol and got started.

DecoArt Glass Chalkboard Paint review


When starting my first project I noticed that when dabbing the product on with a sponge it created bubbles and looked bumpy in appearance.

DecoArt Glass Chalkboard Paint review


I dropped back to a test panel of glass and started experimenting with techniques for application.  The top is with a sponge brush but smoothed out while the bottom is dabbed with a sponge.  Also the bottle says to dry thoroughly then to apply a second coat which I did as well.  I made sure to apply the second coat in the opposite direction of the first for optimal coverage.

DecoArt Glass Chalkboard Paint review


You then wait 4 days for the product to dry.  This is obviously a looong time but lets see if it is worth the wait.  I then baked my panel for 30 min in a 325 degree non-preheated oven.  Once cool, I rubbed chalk on the surface to condition and I was ready to test it out.

DecoArt Glass Chalkboard Paint review


As you can see, the smooth application is definitely the way to go.  So although the bottle says to “dab” the paint I preferred to paint with a sponge brush in long even strokes.  I also used my test panel to check the adherence of the paint.  I could not remove the paint with any method other than a metal object pressed firmly on the surface.  I was very impressed with the durability of this paint.

DecoArt Glass Chalkboard Paint review


Another caution with this paint is that it is not intended for direct contact with food.  I did not make any projects that would touch food but I did paint some that would be on the table.  Like my labeled jar utensil holder below.  I actually ran this one through the dishwasher a few times to test the dishwasher safe claim of the paint.  After a few spins on the top rack, there was a noticeable loss of paint adhesion.  So while the paint was great after baking, I lost some durability after running through the dishwasher.  You might want to hand wash your chalkboard creations.

DecoArt Glass Chalkboard Paint review


I also painted the glass inside of a picture frame.  I love that making a chalkboard for your home is now so easy and fool proof!  I tested this surface with a chalk marker as those tend to be harder to remove than standard chalk.

DecoArt Glass Chalkboard Paint review


However, the chalk marker erased perfectly from my chalkboard surface.  I can’t wait to modify this frame and display this great chalkboard soon.

DecoArt Glass Chalkboard Paint review


I also made a chalkboard label cookie jar that I am in love with!  No more stale cookies around our home.

DecoArt Glass Chalkboard Paint review

I am thoroughly impressed with the durability and performance of the Americana Glass Chalkboard Paint from DecoArt.  Be sure to use caution when applying so that you are left with a smooth even surface.  Also be aware that you project must dry for four days and then be baked in an oven before it is ready to use.  You will want to plan your projects well in advance when using this product plus you will not want to paint anything that will not fit in your oven.  Also be sure you follow the product directions and do not apply this product where it will come in contact with food.  I recommend hand washing of any items that have the chalkboard paint applied although the bottle does say dishwasher safe.   Otherwise, enjoy this product and all of the glass chalkboard projects you can make!


Disclosure: sample provided for review purposes. 

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  1. Caryn S. says

    Hmmm…I really appreciate this review, but I wonder if the manufacturer is going to update the application instructions after your experience? Definitely seems like brushing on several coats is the way to go, but if people don’t see your review and follow the manufacturer’s instructions they’ll be dissatisfied with the product! I have to say though I’m inclined to get some of this since I’ve previously used chalkboard vinyl on glass. While I liked it, it tends not to be dishwasher or handwashing friendly for obvious reasons. At least this I could hand wash.

  2. says

    This looks excellent, I hope we will have it in Spain as well, nowadays it is easy to get Americana paints so I hope this one will come, your cookies jar and the frame chalkboard are very interesting ideas. Thank you for sharing.

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