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I recently had the chance to try out Amazing Clear Cast Resin from Alumilite.  This was not my first adventure in resin.  I know that many people are intimidated by them.  I am here to put your fears at ease.  Resins are easy to use and actually fun.

Amazing Clear Cast is a two part casting resin.  It can also be used as a clear coat.  The Alumilite website has the following to say:

Amazing Clear Cast

Amazing Clear Cast can be used as a casting resin or as a clear coat. It’s low viscosity and 1:1 mix ratio by volume makes it extremely easy to use. Bubble free castings can be achieved by slowly mixing and pouring the resin.

Now to ease your fear of resin.  The trick is to follow the instructions to the letter.  Read and re-read them before you begin.  Protect your work area and wear old clothes.  Be sure to use cups, stir sticks, etc that are disposable.  Then just have fun.

I followed the instructions and mixed my resin 1:1.  With this particular product, you pour the two together and allow the product to sit.  Each time you allow the product to sit the bubbles that have formed will work their way to the surface and pop.  This is very important for your final product.  Next, for this product, you mix and then again allow to sit.  I timed each step according to the directions.  Again following the directions exactly.  The directions were easy to follow.  The smell of the product was actually not as bad as other resins I have used.  I made all of my projects indoors on my covered kitchen table.  The product let off very little smell and it was almost undetectable in my home.  Next comes the pour.  I used my resin in some castings and as a clear coat.

These hearts were each done in two pours.  I poured once and then popped any bubbles with a small handheld torch lighter.  That sounds intimidating huh?  Really it is just a handheld lighter that is labeled “wind resistant”.  It puts out a very strong and steady flame.  If you wave that flame over your project (DO NOT TOUCH THE PROJECT), the bubbles will rise up and pop.  I find that part sort of fun cause it is like magic.  After the project gelled (or became semi solid), I added trinkets and glitter.  Then after drying for 24 hours, I did a second pour on all of these.  This product gelled enough for me to add embellishments in about an hour.  It was hard way before the 24 hour time but I was determined to wait at least this long.  If you wait 48 hours or more, the product recommends a sanding of the surface before each additional pour.  I did not want to go through those extra steps.

The packaging suggested a mold release be used on any molds used.  For my hearts, I actually used Vaseline which is a recommended mold release for this resin.  The castings all came right out after the recommended drying time.

I used this piece of a map to show just how clear the resin is when dry.  I figured if we could accurately read the map after the casting was complete, the resin was a success.

Please note that the resin did have a concave appearance on the back of all the castings.  The product was higher on the sides of the mold then in the middle.

I also used the product as a clear coat on many, many bottle caps.  What does a girl need with so many bottle caps?  Come on over to The Country Chic Cottage to see my travel bottle cap checkers.

The Amazing Clear Cast Resin is a great product and an extreme value.  I mixed up 2 oz of the original mixture.  This was enough for the first pour on all my castings plus the clear coat on all of the bottle cap checkers.  A 16 oz kit sells for $20 and will make many, many small projects.  This is a product that goes a long way.  Don’t be afraid to tackle resins.  Jump in, read the directions thoroughly, and have a great time crafting.

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  1. Rebecca Bodine says

    I’ve used something similar years ago, but it never occuerred to me to tre it now for card embelishments. I can’t wait to try it.

  2. Caryn S. (Scrapnsing) says

    I loved the bit about waving the flame over the resin to get the bubbles to rise and pop, that’s really clever! Will that work with all types or just this brand?


  1. […] Yesterday my review for Amazing Clear Cast Resin went up on Craft Test Dummies.  If you have ever been afraid of using a resin product, please head over and read my review.  The product sounds so intimidating but really it is easy to use and perfect for a project like this.  I used the resin on all of my checkers to give them a hard finish on the inside.  Really the resin is the best option for this type of project but you could also try Mod Podge Dimensional Magic.  Either option will need quite a bit of drying time.       […]

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