Altered Art Bobbins


So, I’m still on my Random Act of Kindness crafting kick. Our dear moderator Diane reminded me that March is rapidly approaching, so I got a-thinkin’.

My challenge to myself is to a) create a handmade item b) using what I’ve got in my studio c) can be duplicated a dozen or so times, and d) can be sent in an envelope requiring no extra postage! Really, quite a tall order, if you think about it.

Now, I’ve made bookmarks and needlecases so far, and I wasn’t ready to duplicate. So I decided to seek inspiration by cleaning off my worktable. As I was excavating – er, cleaning up, I ran across some DMC cardboard embroidery floss bobbins. Got lots in a package, they’re flat and envelope-able, so I got crackin’.

I came across some scrapbook paper that was begging to be used up, a piece of really crappy sheet music, and a-ha! An idea was born. I dug out my little flower punch and some brads, and made these.

I thing these will make nice little doo-dads for folks to incorporate into their altered books, art quilts, cards, etc.

To see my RAK needlecases, click here.

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