Adventures in Crafting and the Week in Review ending 4/28/12


This weekend has been SO much fun that I am a day late in getting my Week in Review post in. But it just goes to show that sometimes you have to postpone blogging about crafting so that you can have more time DOING it!

This week, my dear crafty BFF Vicki O’Dell make the trek to CTD WHQ and did some mano-a-man0 crafting with me. We had a brand-spanky-new box of Martha Stewart Crafts goodies to play with, and we kinda wanted to do a little “throw down” to see how each of us would use the same materials because our styles are so different. But before we got a-craftin’, we got a little silly…

Yes, we she is "rocking" the OptiVisor!!!


And I channel my inner "nutty professor." Maybe I should start acting again!

The point is- we laughed until our cheeks ached!! I hope everybody finds a creative soul to giggle and create with. It makes life SO much richer.

Stay tuned- we’ll be posting our Crafting Throwdown posts this week!

I also took a field trip to Adventures in Stamping with my sweet sister. We have been going for years- usually with our mom- and it’s kind of a tradition. This year the pervasive trend was doily dies. I have never seen so many booths that were featuring those slim-line dies that mimicked paper doilies! And I wonder why you would want to buy a die for $30, when you can get a stack of them at the dollar store. This trend is going to take some convincing!

OK… let’s get down to the Week In Review, shall we?

WOW! That’s an impressive number of posts- all new, original content! I have to say I’m so proud of #TeamCTD and quality of the reviews that we write!

Now don’t forget that we had a giveaway from DecoArt this week- and we chose a winner:

And the winner is…

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Entry #22Linh C.
We also had a little “FB 4K Giveaway” for my Facebook Pals… and we’ve got a winner for that, too:

And the winner is…

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Entry #28Jill L.
But don’t feel left out! This week we’ve got another fabulous giveaway, perfect for parents, homeschoolers, troop leaders, bible school teachers…. well, just about anyone who loves to craft with a group or with kids! This week’s giveaway is sponsored by S&S Worldwide- a Color-Me Quilt Kit. (Did I mention it’s no-sew??) Go enter before Friday and you could be the lucky one next week!

Thank you, S&S for supporting!

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Have a great week!

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