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Over at Craft they are doing this series of questions to get to know their audience better.  I thought that was a pretty cool idea, so I’m taking the plunge and answering the questions myself. Here’s a little bit of info about me, your head CraftTestDummy!

One Project You Are Particularly Proud Of: I created a portion-control wine glass last January when I was on Weight-Watchers. Someone “Stumbled” it, and now I get 10,000-15,000 visits a month just on that post. I had no idea it would resonate so well!

Portion Control Wine Glass- my most popular post EVER.

Two Mistakes You’ve Made in the Past: The first is the most basic rookie-crafting mistake: not using the right materials for the job. I’ve had a few scrapbooks fall apart because I used the wrong adhesive. (What gave me the idea that rubber cement was good for scrapbooks? Sheesh!) The other mistake is being impatient- not waiting for paint to dry, glue to set up, or to take a moment to fully clean a stamp or wash my hands. I have ruined projects with my impatience.

Three Things That Make Your Work Unique: I like to use what I have on hand- maybe that’s part of the impatient-thing that I mentioned before! I love using recycled materials and “junk” to make something fun and functional.  The second thing that makes my work unique is that because I’m a “serial” crafter, I have lots of different techniques up my sleeve, and I’m not afraid to cross-pollinate. I like beads on my quilts, quilted items as jewelry, and jewelry items in my home decor projects. Everything is fair game. Lastly…I dunno. That’s all I got. Two’s OK, right?
Four Tools You Love to Use: If we put aside “Eyes, hands, instinct and spirit,” I’d go with a heat tool, paper trimmer, manual die-cut machine, and hot glue gun.
Five Inspirations: Hard to narrow this one down! But nature, other craft blogs, Pinterest, great music,  necessity-the need for everyday functional items- keep me inspired and creative every day!

So that’s it for me. Thanks for letting me pontificate a bit. Have fun and stay messy!

PS- join me on Facebook for lots of show and tell, follow me on Twitter, and check out my inspirations on Pinterest. I have  a YouTube channel,too, because obviously I am not busy and have nothing else to do! HA!

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Chief Craft Test Dummy, Craft Evangelist, Founder, Editor, bottle-washer, trouble-maker, and creative whirlwind.


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    Fantastic! Loved this! I thought of doing this, too, but then thought better! My blogs are better without that mess.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. says

    Thanks for the back-handed compliment, I guess???? (“Better without that mess”- so my post is a mess? *shrug*)

  3. says

    OMG, that wine glass was yours?! How did I not know that? I loved the idea, and shared it in a big way with some of my WW pals when I first started seeing it around the internet. Small crafty world, my friend!

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